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The broad again library had in common with field of dreams. The story goes like this in one thousand nine hundred one about a year after the library opened the bumper shoot arts festival in Seattle asked hot if you wanted to set up a mini version of the library at the festival, then exhibit. So Todd his wife and about one hundred of the books they'd amassed up to that point got on a plane, flew out there and set up shop in this indoor events space, and so I ate at the exhibit. I'm showing people around, you know, and this gentleman walks up to me and puts out his hand and says, hi, I'm Bill can sell the author of shoeless Joe. The book field of dreams was based on now. Oh, no. I I was just dumbfounded. I said you have no idea. How wildly fantastic it is that you're you're right. I said if you hadn't have written that I might never have. Stepped up to the plate, and and really done this. You just said stepped up to the plate. It just so happened that Bill can Sela or w p Consolo is what it says on his book jackets was a featured speaker at bumper shoot that year. And he said, well, he said I've got one for you. Were it not for Richard? Brought again, I would never have written that book. Now. In fact, he said I would never have gotten into being a fiction writer were it not for Richard proud again. This is the part of the story that when I tell it to people there is get really wide the part where one twin in a fairytale figures out why she's been wearing half a locket around her neck the entire time. Todd had known it. But no other writer had as much of an impact on his life and career as Richard brought again in one thousand nine hundred five.

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