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Running. For president. Of the United States. All the America. All right. There's Tim Scott the senator from South Carolina with his announcement of his presidential campaign. And I'm happy for him. Again, I don't know Tim Scott. I don't have any issue with him, per se. I just have, in my circles, I've never come across him. Whether it was like cpac or anything like that, I've just never met him in any of the conservative circles. I've traveled in. But I'm sure he's a wonderful nice guy. And I suspect that he's going to get some gravitas here to break from the pack. And we'll see. And I think what is really interesting is the diversity of candidates. You've got an Indian woman and Nicky Haley. You've got an Indian man and Vivek Rama Swami. You've got an African American man and Tim Scott. You've got Trump, AKA orange man bad to many on the left. And let me leave anybody out. I don't think I did. If I did forgive me, and as of tomorrow, perhaps, we might have governor Ron DeSantis. Guy who's my age, he's going to bring youth. This is the big argument you're hearing from a lot of people. And I got to tell you, this is an argument I'm hearing from a lot of my friends that are on the other side of the aisle. Or whether they're independent or whatnot, I make it a point to make sure I have friends everywhere. I'm not one of these people that I'm sick of these people. I can't it. No, I'm not sick of them. I really enjoy hearing their differences of opinion and all that stuff. Because again, I don't really base. I've never really based my friendship with someone on their politics. That's never, if that would have been the case, I would have had no friends. Remember I was a conservative Republican in New Jersey. There isn't there isn't a lot of that activity going on here, right? This is home to the creation of rhinos. So this is an interesting thing. But that's where we are. So Tim Scott is running for president and it's a very diverse field. On the other side, you've got a Kennedy and a Biden. Not much diversity there. Although I know that's the team of diversity, right? And I just find it, I point it out because it's interesting. It's interesting, and this happened the same thing last time, right? They were saying, oh, you know, because it's old white men, old white men, Republicans are bad, old white men, old white men, and then it came down to Bernie Sanders Joe Biden. And Joe Biden won the nomination or cut the deal to become the nominee. And I just thought, fascinating. Fascinating how the people that live their lives through the lens of racism ultimately succumbed to going with an old white guy who's now going to be the oldest and I have no issue with that. I really don't. My issue with Biden's not his age. And I realized that he uses muscle memory and he's been a crooked politician for a long time. But that's not the issue. For me, the issue with Biden is his corruptness, right? The fact that he is a crooked politician, the fact that he doesn't have America's best interest at heart and the fact that he's not very sold out for the cause of America, he's more sold out for the cause of his pocket. And to me, that's the worst part. And that's my estimation in my opinion in my view. But Joe Biden just he's not willing to take a stand for America. He's not willing to really do what needs to be done for this nation to flourish. He's doing what needs to be done for his situation to flourish to not rock the boat to go along to get along. And to create fissures wherever he can, that would help him with wedge issues. And that's what he's doing and that's what he's done in the past, and it's what I suspect he'll continue to do And one of the wedge issues that I think that they're, you know, using the NAACP for the national association for what does that stand for? The national association. For the advancement of colored people, the mission there is a social cause. But yet now they're saying, you can't go to Florida. There's a travel ban on Florida by the NAACP because, well, because they say that desantis is now desantis man bad. And it's laughable. In my opinion, how the left tries to create these racial caricatures of just about any Republican they can find. And I'm curious to see what they're going to say about Tim Scott, whether it's going to be he's the brown face of white supremacy or something along those lines because, you know, they never let up. But anyway, we're going to get into Biden's poll numbers straight ahead. I want you to join the conversation a three three four Valdez 8 three three, the number four, my last name, Valdez. This

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