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To in a win away those uh soon these forces are from from supporting aycell rather than you bring them back into the iraqi army the the conquest of mozell here it is more of a conquest than liberation and sunni arabs in in the western part of out of iraq are still suspicious of the government in in baghdad and that the new government has a big task before in which is to win the support and loyalty of those civilians but you know they did at once before the sunni awakening movement organizing local communities in the sons of iraq units and paying them to be supportive of the government rather than the sunni insurgency if you look at the casualties in the battle they asked him the number of strikes starting in late two thousand sixty two thousand seven at drop to the very low level and that was not a matter of technologically sophisticated battle techniques it was a matter of winning the hearts and minds of villagers in in western herat so that's the job before the government in baghdad now is how to recreate that uh sunni awakening movement which are malachy essentially abandon was the the last us troop left iraq in two thousand eleven given the us role in starting the war in iraq at its role now helping in the battle formoso how might the president respond to help build the prospects for a settlement once the fighting is over in los the best answer i can give us go back to two thousand seven the counterinsurgency the change in counterinsurgency strategy that we implemented then where instead of sending troops out uh from secure base camps to patrol in and bringing them home at night in we station troops in villages and they became not there is occupied but his defenders of the villages because you know the assumption and so award is m the average person really doesn't want to be involved in the civil war they're just caught in the crossfire so you don't want to make them choose between one saw the other so you the short answer would be go back to that that strategy that worked in two thousand seven uh do what you have to.

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