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Why is it absurd? Woman on tape things like rob banks, and then 25 will see that got robbed a bank and you say no, I don't believe he would rob the bank. It's ridiculous. It's totally ridiculous. And then you defend. Oh, he don't want to panic. People didn't want to panic. Anyone. You want to be scared. His whole campaign. If you vote for Joe Biden, we're not to have a country anymore. The suburbs going to overrun by rioters, they're going to get killed. Going to dangerous. It's ridiculous to think you would be saying that if what's been going on as a result of a lot of these protests wasn't taking place with the looting and the rioting and the vandalism. And just just the random violence on people. Who do you think like for like, For example, what happened two days ago in Wisconsin, where there was a man? It was surrounded by black lives matter. Protestors outside of Milwaukee outside of his home, he's inside his home. There's like 10, people outside their their flashing lights. Adam there there yelling out in his name is Pete. He gets a gun. He gets a gun. He loads it. He gets arrested for loading a gun inside his own home. He gets removed by the police and the black lives matter. Protestors are heckling him. All right. Looks like that's not respond. That is the that is a nightmare day for someone who lives in the suburbs had David so, So your whole thing is like, Oh, it's anecdotal when when we point out the things I know that there is there, someone there Several situations like that. Let him finish. Please. It's anecdotal. That's anecdotal. When I'm on every over that anecdotal, there's not much racism is very rare. Limited anecdotal It is and you know, and then you put in some situation like that. I mean, I live in the suburbs in Las Vegas. I mean, are there any rioters? Looters going to the suburbs terrorizing people now, But if you have one video you bring in one, But oh, there was a guy and there was 10 people outside. Come on. It's ridiculous scene literally for 100 videos online of situations like this so I can get 400 years. Look, look. What happened to the McCloskey is the exact same David Like, Except they were actually outside of their house. That was there was blood was actually worse than that. Alright, David. I'm sorry. Go ahead. Yeah. So I mean, you're 400 video. I mean, you sit there and watch videos overnight. Like what was happening. What was happening? Completely Anecdotal. I can't former videos of Trump supporters spewing racist things spewing idiotic thing. I highly doubt that I highly highly doubt that you do that. I could do that. I don't think you could do that. I could have you ever seen the videos of the trumps the beat the reporters outside, Trump rallies talking people going? Why do you support Trump? Why do you think Always doing a great job. He kept all his promises. You can't promise that absurd. It's like I was an absurd. You think, Donald promise? I don't have time to watch TV? I'm not going to play golf when I'm president. Too busy working. We're going healthcare. It's gonna be great. Everybody recovers. Be cheaper and better. It can be better. I'm gonna build a wall of Mexico's going to pay for it Done done done. I'm in a rage he built the wall. The wall has, I think, 400 miles built and Mexican him, but he made a conscious effort. He made a committed conscious effort for Mexico to pay for it. How about the debt and the trade bill is going to be part of how Mexico will pay for how about the depth that we're in right now. What about the death that we're in right now? Brian, He said Look, Go ahead, David. You could respond. I mean, he said he was going to take care of the dead. You will take care of her quickly. And before you say won't be Kobe before Kobe, will that anybody in history? What about that? Is that? Is that wrong? I mean, he kept all his promises, right? He kept all his promises. That was the number one criticism. Barack Obama by right wing media was debt pending correct. What's what he done about that? It's trump done about that, and he improved that are made it worse. And you made the situation better or made it work again. We'll see what happens in the second term. About one answer and made it better was well, see what happened about that? Has he made it better or worse? Honest, I don't know what town about the debt. You don't know. I don't. I don't know. It's not about the dad. I really don't like politics You might want to know about okay, So let me explain what David is trying to say. I'm sorry, man. I don't know the exact okay. Statistics as faras, the Dutch coast. What? The differential. You know the answer to that. But this is an actual question. So David water? Sure. So for eight years Republicans what David is not going. I'm saying the debt tryingto and watch Donald Trump. He's don't interrupt started in office and where it's at right now. Please don't intrude Where that money went to him. Pretty pretty sure. George if it went to the military, So Dana Strengthening. JD says he doesn't know. And that's where the majority of the tax cut for people making the most. Exactly Okay, so so since Lady won't let me answer the question, why don't you answer it for him, David? Because I do know the answer, and I know what you're going to say, but go. Go ahead, David. He exploded a debt through the roof before pre Cove it prick over massive spending, no spending cuts..

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