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Thirty thousand dollars thirty thousand dollars then the IRS came to collect started getting letter after letter lean it been filed against me and they were gonna basically like hang me a completely out to dry he had to do something that's when I reached out to optimal tax relief Patrick's life quickly got a lot easier very easy pretty much hands off you know they picked up the ball and ran with it and how to go I couldn't believe it I had to ask like two or three times I saved an incredible amount of money is Patrick feel about optima couldn't be happier they definitely helped me optimal tax relief the best place to call they're the best in the business do with Patrick did and call optima tax relief for a free consultation call eight hundred seven oh nine fifty nine sixty six eight hundred seven oh nine fifty nine sixty six eight hundred seven oh nine fifty nine sixty six optimal tax the ovation of the seas cruise ship the death toll might go higher officials see a number of people in the double digits remain unaccounted for house Democrats this week begin presenting what they say is evidence to the Judiciary Committee which is prepare articles of impeachment against president trump those articles to focus on alleged abuse of power on Ukraine Alabama's near total ban on abortion will remain blocked by a federal judge the attorney general's office confirms the state will not appeal on October injunction barring the band from taking effect last month well the judge hears a lawsuit challenging its legality Richard can't to ABC news hours.

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