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Yeah. That thing too in a lot of work a lot of into. I mean, you had to know everything to a T in order for the nullify to work, you know. But like when I sat into the credit, I was due forward. I'm the one that put in the into to know when to be able to, you know, I'm the one that went out there and was calling out names, which was Dan's name. Uncontrollably to let him know that we were coming after him. You know, what I mean for him to to push him. I, you know. So yet, that's probably one of the heart is advantages. That's ever involved engine right ever put into the game. Especially in the way that you guys had to pull that off in your season. Because you know, you could. Have a scenario where it's like. All right. You know? Hey, you know, everybody's voting for Kelly went worth tonight. But, you know, Kelly went worth she always has an idol, let's vote for Kelly Wentworth. And then we'll also play the idol nullify on her. You know, it's very hard to do when you have like, you know, what six different potential people that you could put votes on who does have the idol. Are they gonna play it? So that is a kind of like shooting the moon to get that thing. Right. Because you gotta know that person is gonna play the idol, and they have to play the idol that the night because if if dad his idol, the I don't know are never ever been recognized as far as the game. Played it. And everything went the way it was host to go. Like, I didn't have to say anything about it. No, one would even known that. I that. I played it. You know, it just hit me at that point. Because I did get it. Right. Like, I did not plan that whole thing. When I when I said pain, or none of that, it just all came about at that particular point in time, you know, so it was all meant to be. But I must say that. I'd put it in a lot of work with the help of of Maya lines. I mean, I I must give them some credit because we were working together David five was working together. But I'm the one that that put in the word, and again, that's where the the godfather road to took on because I was vocal about what I wanted to go on..

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