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Later there's an open very nice violence going later on. Going a mile and a sixteenth and another three from boys foreign up going a mile and a sixteenth as well. Nice the nice action at At oakland and may after although tina's a partial day-to-day so we we have to go down to albany for a couple of things. And so i don't know if i'm going to play much today. I'll talk about the sam houston result in the mid. Jay perfectly told you nick early today. Nick tammaro He's got everybody's everybody's kind of had to move everybody around this last fifteen minutes nick at ten thirty or so after jay and for nick. We'll talk sunday's sam houston card as well as the cross country five in new york which includes the martha washington and in arkansas bread allowance. There's a new york new york red allowance and maiden special and in between all of that there's a maiden on the grass only one. Obviously you know with oaklawn and akwa. Duck being the big part of the five now on saturdays There's not gonna be any grass but tampa has got a maiden special As their eighth race. That's a mile on the grass and so will Over that with nick as well. Mike welsh is early today. Mike at eleven and plenty to talk about with mike with the holy bull card and the other you know the three year old girls. The three year olds on the grass. The vice Set a stakes at gulfstream. And later as well a key. Champion is going to join us. And we're going to talk with keith. Because i haven't had a chance all week yet to get to the final results from last weekend and the twenty twenty. nhc qualifications and the tour results and the winter contests the rookie tour and everything else. So we'll do some house cleaning and some wrap up for the twenty twenty. Nhc season and of course the the season it's going to be the longest season in history because We won't to a twenty twenty champion until august at bally's so the tour. The new season starts now essentially all right so That's partial Things to Before we reach for a hammer. And that includes. I wanna thank to people before i forget. I'll keep putting it off and i i got the nicest Who really nice Surprises in the mail. stand in queens where stanley has literally been listening to the show from. I think day one. Somehow he must have. You must have latched onto the show in in july of two thousand and five and Stanley who has been around new york racing walk tots for for the chief and just the as wonderful A person knows tons of people around the game and Stanley made a made me a A quarter poll really affect. I should put a picture of it. Really really nice. I'll stand. I thank you so much i gotta get a note in or more. Call you over the weekend and Sally ellen hurts that country life arm. The last was it last week when when they won at they want one of the stakes at laurel with with trump. Better and Talk a little bit about the family and country. Life and Sally allen sent me wonderful a country life gift. Pack which which has had cosies had at hand sanitizer a couple of country like buttons and a mug really. Nice thank you. Thanks to stanley and sally l. I really appreciate it case. Go ahead and reach for hammer. We'll get started and as we do that a couple of things a very nice Maiden race yesterday. Going six new york. If you didn't see this and dobb jad Sent out clara vich more than ready. Colt and even money favourite which doesn't come as any surprise ran really well and i think an eighty three buyer. I want to say And in addition to crowded trade. That's the name of of this more than ready. So keep an eye on this one Crowded trade Out of jump start mayor bred by forging oaks and was a keeneland. november sale. Actually was a was a wheeling purchase. How about that was a win league. I just realized that there was a wing. Purchase keeneland november eighteen and Hundred eighty-five thousand. so was was a nice seller at At that time and crowded trade certainly working well and the fact that the chad left this source in new york. Sort of tells you that the the story you would think he has certainly the more than ready screams a little turf But obviously chad got the feeling this one would be fine on the main track so stays in new york and wins it first asking. There's a there's a an addendum to this. That is really interesting and that is the runner-up speaking speaking of Glowingly of Of ron met There's an there was an arkansas bread. Mcclain's music arkansas bread in this spot. Hyperactive chris For michael imperio and vince katari and partners at the the whole hatful of partners. This was a sixty thousand dollar. Ob s by last year as a two year old it. I can't recall an arkansas bread showing up here and the one of the things that caught my eye to was the dam was by pine bluff. And of course we were just you all week. We've been talking a about john. Anthony and lob lolly and now short leaf and here's a pine bluff mayor kathleen l. That doug matthews trained Quite a while ago. I mean the she got a very she raced. She was seven and got a very late. Start obviously eraser your seven. She didn't start producing babies until she was probably like nine so i just thought it was those pretty cool that. Here's a.

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