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Okay. LBJ. I'm John Cooley. This news the surface of Central Texas Honda dealers now City Council this week has homelessness on its agenda again as it considers another multi million dollar purchase of a hotel for the homeless. Austin's homeless strategy answered, Diana Gray says there's been a lot of collaboration in search of even Maura of these properties, constantly communicating about what a project might need, how we might explore, making it more feasible or how we might support that work. The property under discussion this week is the Hampton Inn on Picon Park in North Austin, which is city might spend $9.5 million to buy. It was July of last year. Hayes High School Up to Retire It's Generations old rebel mascot in the district today has announced the official name change to the Hazara. Box, the district says Making the complete change to the hearts could cost up to $800,000 and almost 16,500. More banks in doses are being allocated to Travis County this week. Another 8200 doses will go toe. Williamson County Cork, LBJ radar Weather Watch 73 degrees Low. 46 Get Austin News on demand it news radio k l b j dot com I've and local every afternoon to before. This is Marc, Melinda and Ed on news, Radio, K l B J Call or text them and 51283605 90. Thanks for taking my call now. Marc, Melinda and Ed. Thank you for joining us 303. We're live in local 2 to 4 every week day after Rush Limbaugh, 18 year old Jackson Rafic. Of Wiley, Texas, turned his own father into the FBI. He contacted.

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