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From Swami. We're almost ready to close. Oh do I have two minutes. You have two minutes and forty six. Oh good I can tell the story because I have been asked you know. Will we make willing able to do it and I always referred to to something. I heard the most brilliant thing I've heard about predictions, and it was uttered by the great. Philosopher and center fielder Willie mays. He was being interviewed by sportscaster. Howard, cosell. I will channel it for you who does offered? Talking with Willie mays Willie. Let me ask Vince. How the giants GonNa Win The pennant this Willie mays. We'll be manage that. I don't know how that's going to play the season to find out. So we are now gathered on a new plainfield to play a new game, and this is a field of dreams where we over grow the fueled of nightmares. We've been playing on hold that thought. And hold that field must stay. Thank you and now must go goodbye. We hope you enjoyed today's episode of wealth transformation. We encourage you to apply the information. You've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being a part of our podcast. When you were moved or motivated, please let us know how the show influenced your life emailing at Dr Cheryl. Dot Wealth transformation gmail.com for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you further, please visit. Cheryl Shire Dot, com, or call four, one, five, two, four, six, six, eight, eight one. As a gift, you can get doctor. Cheryl's Book Wealth Transformation Integrity Integrity Integrity for only the cost of postage of seven dollars ninety five cents until next time feel healthy and happy in your wealth. No matter you are in your life..

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