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Anyways, the power to stamp out the monsters. Let me ask you this body before we let you go. I know that the Patriots didn't make the playoffs and my my Boston friends. There are upset about it, but the blow is cushioned. By Tampa or the Patriots South that's going on down there. Are you excited about the prospects this weekend for your secondary team? I not for the team, but I am happy for Gronk. And for Tom Brady. I mean, for all the all the joy and celebration in the bragging that he gave us along with the bell a check I am I wish he was still there, but I am still like, like also, uh, I'm looking for a sore spot with you, isn't it? I'm sorry. It's a sore spot with you, isn't it? Little bit just a little bit. It's kind of like when when the Sox traded away, Fred Lynn, it still hurts. It's still hearts. Never get over that. But you guys can't Bill Buckner. So oh, you up. We got Bucky Dent on the line. He wants to talk to you. Bucky evident right to the hot. That's what I like about you, my friend. It's right to that. But I'm rooting for Brady. I wish him well, you know, it's someone's gotta pay for that boat talked. You can't just do it by Hey, I think is if he retires, he'll have to find a way to comfort himself with his billions of dollars in his supermodel wife and something tells me Tom Brady's gonna be okay, no matter what I think you'll be fine. Appreciate the call buddy have a good about taking. Speaking of the demonization when I worked at the Heritage Foundation. Heritage was the big conservative think tank still is. And the big libertarian think tank was the Cato Institute. And then we we got along largely back Then libertarians and conservatives largely agreed they libertarians always wanted to go further, and conservatives didn't That was really the only difference is we want to go. Kato wants to get rid of this program and heritage wants to shrink this program. So on and so forth. That was the difference between Libertarians and conservative something happened to the libertarian movement. Over the years that I think stems from the fact that libertarianism means literally nothing. Now I'm a libertarian can just be said by anybody. I think it really started. It's for people who don't want to be labeled as a liberal or conservative or a Democrat or Republican. They say I'm a libertarian. Okay, Fine. What does that mean? If your Bill Maher, who claims to be a libertarian, his claim for years to be a libertarian He's advocating and has advocated for higher taxes for bigger government for, you know, socialized medicine, so on and so forth. He just wants to be able to smoke marijuana and have sex with hookers like I'm libertarian. No, there's a lot more to libertarianism. It's a whole philosophy. It's not situational. It's not. I love big government except for when it stops me from smoking weed. And being with the ladies. Now that's that's not libertarianism. Now during well during the Obama years, and I think, thanks in large part to someone like Bill Maher, the term libertarian. Doesn't have any meaning. And there they developed something called liberal Terrian because libertarians hated John McCain so much that they sided with Barack Obama, plus libertarians, the younger libertarians. Weren't told what it the philosophy means, and they thought Barack Obama was cool. So I was at a libertarian Election night party. Actually in 2008. Everybody knew that. That Obama was going to mop the floor with John McCain. And as he did, as new states were called for Barack Obama, this group of self professed hardcore libertarians were cheering. Cheering. They were happy that Republicans were losing because libertarians were kind of like the red headed step child of the right of center world, and they resented it and hated it. So on and so forth. Plus, they particularly hated McCain and thought Obama was cool and I remember sitting there. With a friend of mine, Mike Flynn going what in the hell is wrong with these people? Don't they realize that everything they profess to believe is is losing right now. Yet John McCain was certainly not a Cheerleader for limited government, but my God So damn sight. Better not expected to be awake. We're in a bar in D C and getting hammered, So it's gonna be a good time, no matter what, but to see these people cheer that That's weird. And you pay attention to what the libertarian world has become over the past. 12 years. And you see that they really have become come to embrace liberalism and pretty much all of its forms. There are a lot of libertarians who are obsessed with race and gender. And they want criminal justice reform because people need to be out of prison and nobody should be imprisoned in this society is unfair toe and you really can't tell the difference. Between What a libertarian is and what a liberal is. So you think if you're a libertarian, even under the new definition, you're now part of the cool kids crowd. Well and cut for here. John Brennan, former CIA director kind of throw some water on that This is an important lesson. Four. Everybody out there in politics, who is tempted to Crawl into bed or go into business or get too close to the left. John Brennan is a man of the left and 19 eighties 1976. He voted for the Communist for president 1980. He voted for the Communist for president of this guy ever ended up being the CIA director is a mystery known on Lee to Barack Obama, who've probably actively sought out somebody who despised this country and said that person should run the CIA. But yesterday on CNN John Brennan starts rattling off a list of the people who basically the left views as Enemies of the country and lo and behold right there. At the end of the list is their new friends and allies and buddies. The libertarians What? How does that happen? How does that work? Listen to it for yourself. Cut four. Go ahead because of this growth in polarization, the United States and domestic violence and white supremacist groups. So I know looking forward that the members of the Biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed Are now moving and laser like fashion to try to uncover as much they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we've seen overseas, where they germinate in different parts of the country, and they gain strength, and it brings together an unholy alliance frequently. Of logistics, religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, Racists, native ists, even libertarians, and unfortunately, I think there has been this momentum that has been generated as a result of, unfortunately, the demagogic rhetoric of people that's just departed government but also those who continue in the halls of Congress. No. Yeah, those libertarians thrown in their members of Congress, enemies of the state talking, you know, And he's talking about Republicans. Libertarians, My friends over it. Kate are going golf clap Good. Good. About time. Somebody called out these people and then suddenly goes in libertarian. Wait, What? What There is shocked.

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