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Than I'll then Brian play the song for you. We'll see if you can get it. 'cause you should be able to get everyone of our age group will probably get it. It's an amazing song. Great. You're selling this hard. It better. Be good. You said, it's amazing. You know, what you're Santa by that? I'm Bankin honest, amazing banking on it. I'm gonna say great song. Okay. Great songs that amazing came back. Okay. Mazing go back to great Ryan says, it's just okay. How old is he now? Dirty. Let's go. I said Ted, and why Rica Ted would say, okay, boys. We're going way back nineteen seventy-one brand you. A fan girl. You would be. That is so coming back to haunt you. Brandy. That's a good song. Really good song. And you're right. That is a one hit wonder. Absolutely. All right. Thank you. I like that song a lot clearly going to melt runner apart. What's up? Don't say Darlene vocal. Afternoon. New. Said I promise. Outs for the best new artist. Really? I didn't know that. When rookie scrubbing a little older than you. Who knew I didn't know they beat out Boston. Yeah. They did. I'm thinking Norman Greenbaum spirits in the sky. Now that is not though good gas. I think this song is better than that one. At least. I mean, I think more people. What are you? Go ahead. We'll get back to the phone calls, maybe for a minute or two. Who knows the go ahead and play it. We'll see how long it takes John to figure out this song. I said ten seconds or less because this is a big time song a lot of people know this song. And I just don't know a second song. Maybe somebody'll come up and say, oh, come on, Tom. They had this song. I don't know it. Go ahead..

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