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And get comfortable before being pulled but this second game. Neither team played really any of their starters. The only guys were really thrown out there. Were maybe rookies. That are going to get significant playing time on both sides but overall what we were exposed to was significantly a backup base game. And it's almost as if this was the final curtain call for a lot of backup player so a lot of what we're talking about here are guys that maybe earned themselves a spot on this roster or others that might straight up just played themselves off this team and are going to be a really difficult spot. Come the next cut down so getting to first. Let's go to the offensive side of the ball. I think one thing that we need to lead into and it's something that we're going to talk about. And i think until this rosters finalized is the battle for the back end of the receiver room. There's a lot of names in there. There's a lot of recognizable names but it seems like the three that keep getting brought up dante pettis through cj board. And there's also david sills and we saw some mixed things from from that whole group. They're not a lot of. Cj board but a significant amount of snaps pettus and sills which you can read into that either way maybe get them getting a lot of repse's their last chance to prove themselves or they just want to be able to see what they are fully capable of the way. I look at this receiver position. David sills has been that slow steady drumbeat since the beginning of training camp. He's the one that kind of jumps out to you from the sense of okay. This guy has really performed all the buzz surrounding this individual. But what does he provide outside of playing receiver and that is the big question. Mark yet seven snaps on special teams because they wanted to kind of get a look at him as governor and they wanted to see how he was on kick return as well. I mean. i think he'd be fine That garner position is incredibly valuable. If you're going to be a goner. That's on punt team. You're going down there and try to pin the Receiving team between the twenty yard line. We saw matt cole. Do it against the jets in exceptional manner. The giants acquired kion cross and from the texans. And he's an expert in that field many of cj board who played really well in that role last year during twenty twenty and look at cj board david. Sylvia say okay. David sills probably adds more value as wide receiver but does that value as what a ford v wide receiver supersedes. Something that cj can do better on special teams. And i'm not one hundred percent certain. Does that leads me to believe that. Cj board may have an edge to crack this roster if he can prove to be one of those two gunners next across but the interesting thing is cam brown. Actually step in and plates gunnar la- last yesterday sunday during the game and he had like two tackles on special teams. And it's just one of those things where you're like this guy can't brown played thirteen. Total special teams snaps. He's somebody who can do so many different things for you on special teams that he can even proved to be a goner as a linebacker which is just insane to think about then. Cj boards presence even necessary and then david sales to possibly ross. I feel like there's a lot of moving parts to this. 'cause you also look at the giants starting receivers right now. Could area's tony injured. Golladay injured two giants. Look at davidson. Say this guy's capable. The stepping provide some value as receiver. Those guys rehabs are a little bit slow to come back. I think it's a really interesting conversation. I'm not one hundred percent. Certain which one would crack it. But whoever provides most special teams values going to have the best chance to make the roster between dante pettis davidson. Cj i look at the snap counts and we saw the guys who are pretty sure going to be real. If not starters than impact role players they were on the field and off the field by basically the second drive for each team. The starters on defense they basically were off the field by the browns second. Drive the guys. We think are going to be big role. Players like devante booker for the giants offense. They were off the field by the giants. Second drive so. I think the fact that cj board only got like what sixteen offensive snaps. I think does kind of bode well for him at his position inside of this wide receiving depth chart. But i think the battle is with pets stills they yes petticoat i think. Thirty six thirty eight snaps on offense seals got forty plus those special teams snaps. We know at pettus brings as a bridge as a punt returner based on what he did in college so that does have value. We haven't seen john. Ross out there all so could it be that you just can't make the squad from the trainers table ios. Have these guys already passed john. Ross end pederson sills are battling out for the six receiver spot. In which case he'll still does give a legitimate backup to kenny. Golladay as the only other guy out there who is even close to golladay size that big body that big frame that x. receiver position. We know how important that is within. Jason garrett's offense and he does at that size he's about like what six four six five two hundred and fifty impounds does great adjusting. His body in the air contested catch situations does really good job coming down with those. Footballs and that's very very valuable to daniel jones skill. Set as well something. We saw two thousand nine hundred and what jason garrett wants to do in those isolation routes on the on the boundary. Just one on one match ups. David sills does good in that. Now will he do well in that against actual number one cornerback sitting..

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