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You know finally make conclusive judgment about what happened and and what did they conclude that to a one hundred percent degree of medical certainty according to one of the doctors on this team foster's death was a suicide yeah and look forensic evidence so overwhelmingly compelling the he was shot with a thirty eight caliber revolver that he owned that was a family gun there was gunshot residue residue on his hand he was clutching the revolver when he was found dead in in fort marcy park he had been suffering from depression he had actually gotten a medical prescription for for some of drugs to help with his depression just a few days before so you know the evidence was overwhelming but ruddy the conspiracies kept churning stuff out it appeared in newspaper ads he was financed by this right wing philanthropist richard mellon scaife who took out a republished the newspaper ads of a rut as writings arguing that there was some sort of conspiracy at the end of the day a ruddy rights book it's called the strange deaths of vince foster came out in nineteen ninety seven and he kinda retreated a bit in the book from the idea that this was a murder instead he tried to argue that somehow the body was moved that foster didn't really die in the park he died someplace else although he was never quite able to explain who moved his body much less why they would have moved his body and you know you mentioned in the open that christopher ruddy was a is a friend of and sometimes advisor to president clinton up sorry president trump president trump and you know one reason that these conspiracy theories live on is because people with big megaphones and big platforms you know breathe life into them and that happened with with donald trump in two thousand ending in may of two thousand sixteen when he was already the presumptive republican nominee and he told the washington post in an interview with them that there are the theories of foul play involving vince foster's death are very serious and the circumstances of his of his death are very fishy and you know there there's i forgotten that part but it was it suited it's i don't know if he believes that i doubt he believes that but it suited his political needs he he's the he's he's the conspiracy theorist and chief but he's also the trollers and chief and at the time you know he was trolling the clintons and talking about the clinton scandals because he's running against hillary clinton and that served his political needs at at the time well look i mean the guy is a complete conspiracy theories let's not forget the role that ted cruz father played in the assassination of john f kennedy let's not forget the bird author nonsense about president obama back in in in the spring of two thousand eleven when when trump was really fanning the flames of that one so here is a we have a president who is addicted to conspiracy theories that's the way is mind works that's the way he he thinks and the foster case is almost a just it's a classic of conspiracy theorising because you know as i pointed out there were there was there was an as you pointed out there's always a few tidbits of few nuggets that give rise to these conspiracy theories the fact that the park police investigators couldn't get access to his office the the fact that he had had the this last minute phone call from the whitewater guy but there but we'll before yeah before you get to that it's just it's important to point out that yes it is true that the park police couldn't get access to the office but what what you know i'm not sure if it got reported the time i assume it did there there are plausible explanations for why i mean you know the the.

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