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M A L, A Cumulus station. Regine Texas debate, I'm Martin Eckerd. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee is willing to wait. One more day to find out if a woman accusing supreme court nominee Brit, Kevin of sexual assault will testify or not Charles Grassley tweeted, his reply Friday evening after a lawyer for Christine blessed. Ford asked for another day to make the decision. The first of three debates in a high profile Senate race in Texas is on the books. Correspondent Clayton Neville says Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his democratic opponent Bidault of Rourke debated domestic policies on the SMU campus in devas, I will always stand and fight for twenty eight million texts. Whatever the challenges, I know that we're up to the task both candidates. Stuck to their campaign principles the second amendment trade and respect for police all up for debate SMU political science professor Matthew Wilson says neither candidate overshadowed the other. I do think it was a small tactical victory. For Senator Cruz, but not decisive not a knockout. The next debate scheduled for later this month in Houston. Clayton Neville, Dallas, President Trump held a rally in Springfield, Missouri. And support of GOP Senate candidate Josh holy during the roundly. The president said he is reached a trade deal with Mexico. We are fixing one sided trade deals that have stolen American jobs and drained American well, just take it away. Like candy from a baby they took our money. They took our jobs. They took everything they took our.

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