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Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all one of the sickest part of the major media is how they pick winners and losers tilted coverage against Republicans and against Trump and they tilt the coverage in favor of Democrats. So about a year before he ran for the United States Senate seat now held and still held by Ted Cruz. We had Robert Francis O'Rourke did an interview with a Reuters reporter on under a premise that. It would not be air toy after the election. It came out. And is now a matter of fact that beta Aurora also known as Robert Francis. Joined a hacking hackers group called cult of the dead cow and the goal is background was to subvert established procedures and technology and to go after and damage, Microsoft Windows, and others instead of hiding instead of hiding certain aspects of what they're doing which they ought to have done instead of hiding these controversial post the group posted a warning saying quote this site may contain your splits explicit descriptions of or advocate at one or more of the following adultery. Murder morbid violence, even sexual conduct and violent context or the consumption of alcohol and legal drugs. Their goal was to wreak havoc chaos and anarchy. This is the guy running for the president. He was a frigging hacker whose website contain explicit depictions of deviant sexual conduct morbid violence, adultery and murder. Beta O'Rourke is now running for the presidency. This is an Reuters held this for one year. So as not to hurt his campaign against Ted Cruz. He also wrote about quote as I near the young ones. I put my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of two kids on the hood and the sharp cry of pain from one of the two unquote, he fantasized about the killing of children. This is beta O'Rourke the hacker deviant sexual hacker. The man who fantasizes about killing children since this came out. Of course, he's been a little concerned, shall we say? So you had the drudge report tonight gaffe tastic day talking about what in the hell is going on with this guy. And this isn't the first two or three days. Plus, the fact CNN is reporting that he's a white male. Which is a problem you should not run for the presidency. If you're white and a male that is a problem that's a negative in this climate of the democrat party. That's a demerit you kind of begin the race negative and behind because you're white and because your mail. I mean, this is unbelievable stuff. Beta O'Rourke part of the cult of the dead cow hacking group who went after Microsoft trying to call chaos anarchy and more and the group have post about TV in sexual conduct consumption of illicit illegal drugs, morbid violence, murder and adultery. And this guy wants to run for the presidency of the United States. Are you kidding me? All right. Let's continue flying becomes available. It should never does. Eight six six six four seven seven three three seven. I watched the mayor of south bend today with with Chris Wallace. Let's go to Samantha and in the in Indiana. Samantha indiana. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Samantha how are you? I'm doing. Well, it's great to speak to a great American. God bless you. And God bless America. I called about a sexual deviant, our mayor of south end, he is married to a man he is a white male. He's a good looking guy highly intelligent. But he is thinking seriously about running for president of the United States. I Washington this morning with Chris Wallace. I'm watching this. I'm saying number one what he ought to do is run for the Senate run for the house, maybe run for governor in Indiana. I don't know what seats are up or whatever he did not distinguish himself at all. Biggest claims is he has more experience than the vice President Mike Pence. How's that possible? I really don't know. What wasn't Mike Pence in the congress for like about ten years? Yes. And he was governor of Indiana. And now, he's the president of the Senate and the vice president, exactly. And and how do you say the guy's name? How do you say the mayor's name Buddha judge Buddha? Judge. I mean if that guy if beta Aurora and that guy or a team running for the presidency, we're done. Well, the one thing that got me today. Dole was I'll probably be the only person in the next hundred years that you'll see running like this. What does it mean? Like this. What's he doing? I guess gay and white, well, I don't care about sexual orientation. I care about his politics. But I I guess from CNN if you're white male that's a problem. And I think it is. But I will get off the line so others can call, but it's a privilege to talk to you. I listen to you every Sunday night. God bless you. And God bless America. Let's go to Jim in Illinois, Jim in Illinois. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Jim go ahead. And then Julie. Thank you, sir. I had an interesting conversation today with some local liberal talk show host liberal talk radio stations here, and you know, there everybody's trying to tie. Try Trump tight Trump into the New Zealand tragedy stuff. I says, you know, just because the guy who said some words, I says, you know, David Duke, his endorsed congress lady Omar from from Minnesota. So should she accept the supporters realizes guys up? The other thing is I I watched Chelsea Clinton being berated by Muslim extremists in Newark university, and they accused Chelsea Clinton of being involved in the murder in New Zealand. So I guess I guess Trump and Chelsea Clinton together a responsible. Well, you know, there's there's word that a lot of Muslims Jews called tequilla. And this is something that people understand about these wholesale lights were their teeth to say things like the fake apologies. About from these congress, ladies and congress the word is to Kia, and it's something that is basically tied have to lie to further your cause so bit how can these students at NYU say that Chelsea Clinton stoked hatred behind the New Zealand shootings, and she is responsible when Chelsea Clinton formed the group. I don't know what it's called. She she formed a multicultural union and New York University and funded it, and then these extremists from Newark university blame her name is lean Deweik angrily tells Clinton and his deleted viral posted Friday night. That's the quotes this right here is the result of a massacre stoked by people like you. And the words you've put out there in the world, the fifty people died because of the rhetoric you put out there referring to Chelsea Clinton who's pregnant with a third child. I mean to me I'm thinking what world do I live in one Chelsea Clinton? Founded NYU's multicultural center practice. The third shot. She goes there to show support and to pray with the Muslim Muslim students, and they attack her and call her a mass murderer. And she's well, this is this is why I tell people, you know, forget all these big us send your kid to a trade school, please someplace else indoctrinated. It's really it's it's it's awful. Can you imagine the mentality and New York University when they blamed Chelsea Clinton for the murder of New Zealand ten thousand miles away, and she's there to show support and they attack her because she criticized congress congresswoman Omar for being so antisemitic. And so if you if you if you criticise and oppose those who are anti semitic. That means you're in favor of mass murderer according to the student NYU, I love like beam me up. Scotty, I must live in some fantasy land. Well, it's like, our friend. Michael Savage says liberalism is a mental disorder one thousand seven one thousand. Let's continue. Great. Call eight six six six four seven seven three three seven jewelry. And then Joe Joey go ahead of New Jersey. Gary, you know, the last couple of months the rhetoric the antisemitic rhetoric from the democrat party every day, and he LAN Omar Russia Khalib, we blame Democrats for starting this war Gaza, HAMAs the friends of the Llano mar in Tel Aviv. Israel rockets last Thursday March fourteenth. Why doesn't any Republican out there? I clearly all Republicans Lee Zeldin, others, you get out there and blame the Democrats blame me LAN, Omar for the war that she started with her rhetoric Thursday if they're gonna Trump for four days. We can surely attack. But if you ever speak to trouble, whatever he's gotta get Sarah gets good sour on CNN MSNBC. There's no one to defend him. It's the democrat. Well, how about one hundred and thirty Christians men women and children butchered the last two weeks of Nigeria? Muslim extremist and there's black. There's no it doesn't help out one point five million Christians in the Middle East murdered in the past sixteen years. How about the treatment of Jews and mom was every Muslim country that all that's a non non story. And I'm saying now, the white nationalist who did that a New Zealand? I don't know if they have the death penalty. But if they have the death penalty, he should get the death penalty for what he did. But our media plays into the desires of that. Mass murderer Joe proliferate his values and his thoughts throughout this country. CNN is as a mouthpiece for a murderer in New Zealand in which I don't understand why they do what they do, and, of course, Trumpers, responsible because Charlottesville, and he did not say what they said. He said context, right? But I blame the Republicans. No one is ever out there every day on TV. Like, I said last time. Pushing back and blaming the Democrats. The first thing you do when you're on TV, you blame you defend yourself, everyone that goes on CNN, no have four panelists. Go to the panel. Let's go to the panel got four extreme leftist beating on the poor little Republican conservative. They cower in the corner. Right. Well, the these these these for a week and cowards, Steve, I don't know. Hogle getting Steve Cortez. I mean, these beat up. And the RNC where's RNC? It's not defensible. What's happening, but how can any reasonable person blame Chelsea Clinton? Donald Trump for the murders in New Zealand. You out. The top ten talk radio guys. And Laura Ingram. Sean Hannity Lou Dobbs. That's all we had it. It's ten percent. And they're they're attacking judge Janine going after Tucker Carlson, they're they're not content with ninety percent of the media all of Hollywood all of television, all the universities. They're not content with ninety percent. They can we can we be a small band of renegades. Can we think independently and raise your hand on the back of the room and say, wait a minute. How come it's a non story. One one point five million Christians are obliterated. Why isn't that? At least equal to fifty Muslims. I say cover them all but we don't get that. Do we cover them all but there's no push back. I mean, Trump is one man he tweets, and that's that's fine. But he needs at least ten surrogate son every single day her push back in defense, conservative Republicans and only blame the Democrats. I blame them for the war that Gaza saw. Rhetoric. You know, Jill there are times. Julie I feel inept there are times. I feel overwhelmed watch Stephen Colbert, you watch the Jimmy's you watch good Morning America. You watch the view you listen to what happens on late night television. You you you university tough when NYU goes after Chelsea Clinton calling her a murderer I live in some fantasy land..

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