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Um but yeah so we've been working together ever sense and now brooklyn's one yep yeah all right so i have a bunch of questions and then muscle just like bring up other things as we go awesome all right so are you trainer certified he yes i am cuts by its rally that means nothing to secure college sugary it's a piece of paper libya and get your now a real estate lies that you gave me earlier in the real world experience i couldn't agree more yet all right so big thing that we wanted to talk about today to make this you know more under sang for my followers even a lot of you have dogs unlike club ducksoo is how influence our marketing has helped grow kaelin's business now when she came to me you know i was like listen i have one point seven million followers i can promote the should at eu like let's do this but i don't think that either of us realised how effective it was actually going to be because you know with clothing and other parts of my business i've seen you know i've seen a be really effective with sales and and certain people you know even with restaurants i seemed like a restaurant spike and reservations yeah like stuff like that but yet we had never done it with dr narrow obviously dunno that right oh let's talk a little bit about that yet oh my gosh so i can't even where do i even start with how it all boom live right away you started getting matches if people wanna trainer john yes so it was like people an obviously new york but then la sahi agai many of followers everywhere rewriting out to me so i did do a couple trading sessions in new york i think that first time that i was here and just when view um and then when i it when i got back so i guess it took 'cause i took basically a week off of work and russia like focused on you and your dogs and four that months mice like revenue decreased yep and then i remember even like my business harder was like oh my god and do yeah like that wasn't worth adam anxious be patient errand blake the next month mike.

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