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This very little brain. We don't know what's going on there. We we just see that they're moving their their legs but. What about the rights for fruitflies and when we re respect fruit flies what about Chinese because finally, our inbetween animals and plants closer to animals on their animals and we know that that they're the Frankly with A. Geographic mind they know with their funding which are able to to move slime molds, for example. What about them and when you have rights for them, what about trees and finally what about Senate and that's I? Think that's the fear behind when we give all those creatures rights. Than we have starved to death. Just can say, no, that's not what it is about. It's about to be more respectable. That's it's. It's funny that I think my favorite line in your first book or or sorry I know not your first book in your book about. His life of trees was fungi are amazing. And follow that story and I thought of my friends, the worms and their son carrot juice is murder I'm not sure. Maybe, it is necessary. Confusing. How do you decide what to eat? How do you juggle? That is the person who who's. Basically said, yet you know what carrots me have feelings. Fungi have feelings funding funky of intelligence. How do you decide what you're going to put on your plate? I decided more According to the way how the food is produced But? That is among hand environmentally friendly among the other hand if we need that and. I say, for example, I eat meat just just a little from organic animal keeping. But I don't think blast were on prep site to be completely very children vegetarian. But that doesn't release me in the sense because when we talk about planned feelings and there is planned feedings communication for example, when when you plan solid, there's communication between the senator when you to one, I don't know what the others are telling you eligible bed but I'm hungry I'm living being. I have also writes. What it is about I can also regard my rights I can enjoy life but. Every case where it is possible. I take care about other creatures. And what the Dolphin in Ireland. Yeah. Can you talk about that a little bit this? Dolphin Island Yeah it's a tourist attraction and It comes to tourist lonely Dolphin and. Perhaps, it just like to be amongst humans and. It's for decades. It's a very odd ocean on hope it's the Sephora thinks is I think so and? What Some scientists say. Because this is a really heartwarming story because this is really a very gentle dolphin and she likes it to be immense. The boats are spending people and so on. And without being being feed that that would be another story the no, he really loves. What scientists say, perhaps, this dolphin has gene defect. Set Okay laugh is a gene. Thank. That's a that's a strange explanation for that. That's all scientists. are talking about this case where say when when you look at nature just in this way, you don't discover anything. There's a a lovely term that Franz divall came up with and throw denial. And I'm quite fascinated by the the idea that scientists go out of their way to deny that animals have emotions, feelings intelligence, and try to reduce them to biological machines and I just don't get it. Yes. That's that's very good because. This is executive. What many not all they're very good scientists because otherwise we wouldn't all those wonderful things. You write about but. in most cases, scientists say we haven't discovered that we have improved that so it doesn't exist. That's that's. Being mad because things you don't see you can see doesn't exist. It's like a little child which puts hands over the eyes. And says, I can be seen because I don't see anything. I like the fact that you got into anecdotal evidence which scientists don't seem to be found out and I'm going. How many anecdotes adds up to fact, I mean, then almost every single person I've ever spoken to a but ORCAS has a story about something fictionally implausible that these orcas down with them. How many of those do you need to hear before you start going? Maybe there's pattern. This pattern means something like what you're talking about with Cros. The think you can see everything from two sides and are negative person. For example, if you're. Today at Pepsi can can compared with with the bubble Internet bubble. Facebook Bob. Whatsoever And when you're interested in negative seeing things to just hear negative things and. Think the world is negative and when you're a scientist, some you're thinking. Animals are working like a machine. Then you just see the machine you as a friendly Guy Orca friendly guy say noble just a moment and Look at this guy wearing long hair. I think. I. Don't know if you know how our things starts that. The other opinion are suppressed and started by start by how people are looking how the living. How they are researching and so on and when you're living your bubble to defend your beverly find one thousand reason why is true and the problem is that I would estimate that seventy percent of the science community is in this bubble. I don't understand why I. Coming at this not being a scientist I actually assumed scientists will be much more open minded about this. So that's been a really startling discoveries go no that's just an anecdote and that's just the other forty anecdotes you've got those don't add up to anything either. It's fascinating. Look at people. Like. For example, I think she had shed a hard life and. Also attacked by my scientists. So. I think the best scientists which we know nowadays from former times were lone wolves their time. Because they did discoveries which the science community wouldn't do this to be true. And but nowadays, you know our that are one for personal. For example, come on lawns. I don't know if you know you made experiments with goose and use emotions and. Our. He did really one for research or Gouda or. Ever and. It's a, it's a strong defending champion. Nowadays, we have another problem. For example, I have I'm tech from some scientists in Germany they are related to the forest industry. And the problem is a although they are Professors University of the. Business Germany is run by the state authorities. They are the biggest timber centers and there should be the control instance. So there's a connection between signs and timbers this, and then you can imagine why for example, why they say it's crazy when you when you talk about the trees Confu pain..

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