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Cut seventy-three cut cut cut cut one prior to winning the open by seven and then he's finished runner up six times in major since then on. It's always so weird when you go from like going in winning the masters and then having the runner ups afterward like in the collapse after doing it in reverse order i. It doesn't mean he can't do it right. It's such a weird. I in any any went. Cut cut right after he won to correct. I i think some of those owing to. He's got a kind of a bizarre career arc and he doesn't you know self. He doesn't work very hard either. I think it's it's hard because we keep you know louis keeps contending so you just feel he keeps saying the same stuff about them over and over and it's like yeah you know when the golf courses get really precise and really proper like the same guy seemed to kinda show up louise obviously that guy and he said something afterwards just kind of read through bunch of transcripts shout out to the by the way they interviewed like forty guys. There's transcripts at the gas but get the deep ends he panel shot one over and was interviewed But reading lewis stuff in. And you know there's only so many ways you can phrase. This is only so many ways you can ask someone about like. Hey you know it like different. What's it like to not win like. Why do you keep not winning these things and he. It's pretty simple to think about. But i thought it was interesting just to think about constantly like. Are you getting beaten these things or are you beating yourself in. These things was his quote and dog killer. he will. he was kind of like man. I'd just like i've the last couple of times like i've gotten beat like the guys have just played better and so i think is there a signature louis moment. That's what i'm saying. I don't have one you gotta be. I would imagine you have to be so mentally tough to actually keep telling yourself that and actually keep lake Reminding yourself of that but also you keeps showing up. And so he must be. You must be there. I don't know what the differences and i'm still obviously skeptical of. We go into sunday in the back nine. And he's one ahead or he's one behind or he's just kinda in the mix with a bunch of guys that doesn't seem like he's going to be the guy that comes out of that group but like why could he not go out and grab the lead by four or five like. I don't see that as as outrageous will usually the formula for guy that finishes very close to the top of majors and doesn't win. A lot is kind of great ball. Striker doesn't broil it. Very good at is not the case. Lee westwood is who. I'm thinking of always up there for many many many years. Like forty career top tens in majors and never won one because he doesn't cut good enough. Let's not the case of louis. Like he's number one in the tour and putting and he's got like might be. Maybe the greatest golf swing in the world is it really is a wonder how he hasn't one more of these but or why he only shows up for majors. But for a while we've been saying there's only one guy out there that when they want to play his best golf he. He's the only one that gets better. That's brooks and i think it's time to put louis in that group now so Feeling pretty good having them in in a couple of lineups. so i'm in first place. No big deal We do the big golfer. we skip. Pass the leaderboard. You big golfer. Brian harman he's he's a stud always does Does big tease preview. Always does stuff. Thank you guys are glossing over mackenzie hughes a little bit. Sixty sixth to open it up. Mackenzie hughes turn it into the song of the summer here. It's just everywhere. Brian harbors interesting one. And i think he's you know. Aaron hills was kinda famously like one of those. Hey this isn't going to be the driving contest that we already described and brian arm and showed up and finish second right and so is his kind of thoughts after were if he can. I guess his iron play just hasn't been very good and that's been the difference maker for him. He seems like he's been driving it well and putting it well and finally figured out something with the irons this week. So i'm kind of curious. I know he missed the cut last week at john deere which was a place that seems like he's kind of cleaned up at but i wonder if going through and thinking through some of these guys i wonder how much like course experience is going to be a Just getting a ton of reps at this place is going to be a thing. I know speed got there early and harm and got there early. I got there early like just kind of. I'm interested Interested to see how that can do everyone that the bmw international. Because i think he took like he didn't play the scottish. Did he go home to norway. And then just come to who knows then so six of the top eight guys right now. Six of the eight guys at four or at minus four better played in the morning today. So i think that's something to keep an eye on for tomorrow Of course benjamin. A bear and webb simpson. Who felt like kind of obvious. Pick for this place. But he's been playing. You know stu sink. I think he was mentioned on preview. Show yeah stu sink. I don't want we're not gonna do a ryder cup segment but like might be a predator. Starting to think about it man also talking to on the podcasts. With them about it and how he was talking about how he you know. I think you're busy. You is six four babies the ball around. He's not doing that anymore and he finally said that he's like yeah. I'm like six four. Like i was hitting it with a glancing blow for a really long time. Susie said glancing blows. Oh my god. I'm totally hitting glancing. Blow right now one and two is like that just like really resonated with me like if i don't know if he's squared up the ball while like why wouldn't he be climbing up the leaderboard it hits it so damn straight and now he's in pretty far so that's it's impressive and i think we're burying the biggest story of the day. Which was the putt. That will sell taurus. It all my god. I don't say this lightly. And i'm not saying it with hyperbole. I don't. I don't know that i've ever seen a worst. Putt and i don't mean from a pro golfer like that was like dude. That's that looks like someone who's never played golf before like that was any rerouted and leave. We looks like you almost like somebody. He wasn't the backstroke. He hit it with down stroke. Drop the putter on top. That was that's that's the onic let you would never see any of your friends do because if your friend has that battleships you give him that. Yeah right we don't make rainy put those when he's at his worst. We do video. Yeah we because it's it's good if he's not arm locking right can't be admitted winning. He's got to try this to sink thing. Like sink tux. He like has the stutter before he hits a shortcut. It's like just to get the motion going. You got if you do that. That is not a one off. That was unlike there. I know if to deer point. I don't know if i've ever seen a perot seemingly a little bit of a funk here the last basically since the masters has has it been putting is just been putting related is..

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