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There will be no charges against Kenosha Police Officer Rustin Chesky, who shot Jacob Lake seven times in the back as he tried to get into a car during a domestic disturbance call Kenosha County District attorney Michael Gravely says his office could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Officer Schatsky was not acting in self defense. It is really evidence about the perspective of Officer Cesky. What is his knowledge of each moment? And what does a reasonable officer do At each decision point, Attorney Benjamin Crump, who represents Jacob Blake, released a statement saying. We're immensely disappointed in the decision. Blake will also not be charged Buildings in down count downtown Kenosha are being boarded up as the city awaits possible protests and unrest. Jared White Foot is putting a plywood. I hope I don't see riots. But Well, we'll find out 500 National Guard members are now in the area. Earlier today, the ENIAC teen accused of killing two people and injuring another in Kenosha during protests over the shooting of Jacob Lake, pleaded not guilty to all charges. Chiyo Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time of the shooting, is charged with first degree reckless homicide and five other charges. His attorney, John Pearce, spoke with WGN's John Williams cannot live a normal life right now we can't Go out, hang out friends and I'll be on social media things that normal tune interested so You know it's tough, but I gotta tell you cut. Kyle is extremely strong, young man at this point just turned 18. Here says there will be no plea deal because this is a simple case of self defense. Georgia's secretary of state says voters will likely not know the results of today's Senate runoff elections by tonight. Brad Rapids. Berger says the races should be called Wednesday morning, depending on how many absentee ballots there are. Two count these races will decide which party has control of Senate, Illinois House Republicans are offering a plan to draw new legislative districts in Illinois, based on the 2020 cents US. New boundaries will be set across the state this year. Representative Tim Butler says they wanted independent commission to be charged with the task and set of lawmakers. He says this will ensure the district's air drawn fairly and not just to give one political party in advantage might not change very much might, but the fact that we allow the legislators to draw their own lines and it's not just here in Illinois, obviously across the country, I think it's something that people really want to see change to come up with something that that works better than we have today. Under the House GOP proposal, The commission will be made up of 11 members, seven would have to approve the new map and public hearings will be held to keep the process transparent. Macy's is closing its longtime store on Michigan Avenue at water Tower Place Cranes reports. The closure is part of the company's strategy to right size that store fleet announced in early 2020. The store will be given clearance sale this month that will run for 8 to 12 weeks. WGN sports Here's Kevin Powell in Cleveland, Brown said to play in their first playoff game since 2002, but One of their head coach on the sidelines. Kevin's too fancy among five new positive cove in 19 tests within the organization. Two of those are players. NFL rules state that anyone testing positive must sit out at least 10 days. The league says. The status for the game and Pittsburgh against the Steelers on Sunday has not changed. Bear said. To meet these Saints on Sunday, We'll have plenty more on that tonight. Here on WGN. When Hampton Obi get going just after seven. The second consecutive day Brent Seabrook deemed unfit to participate at Blackhawks training camp. The Hawks season begins in Tampa a week from tomorrow. Bulls have won three of four after their own three start. Visit Portland tonight. College BASKETBALL. The Big 10 number 23, Michigan State hosting 15th, ranked Rutgers and tonight's produce Nebraska game postponed out of what the schools are calling an abundance of caution. Are working with the conference to reschedule the game. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN.

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