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Now, this is crazy, 'cause I got here, I knew I was going to be part of this, and I heard there was gonna be some great comedians writing some great material, and I got here, and I said, anybody got my material, and they all looked around and went. So I'm up here. Trying to be funny all by myself. And I am the least funny motherfucker you've ever met in your life. That is a fact. We'll see about that Jeff. You said you were the least funny, but I swear to God, I have no sense of humor whatsoever. I just don't see fun and anything. I really don't nothing makes me smile. Nothing makes me laugh. Well that one joke. Pat, it can correct me up. But you notice I moved over to Pat real quick. Now, this is it's an honor to be up here to, to honor, Bruce in this fashion to be up here with a great panel of people many of whom I've known for so long. I met Medusa when I broke into the Awa in nineteen eighty seven my very first road trip with Verne ganja nineteen eighty seven you probably don't remember this, but it was a meaningful moment. My life we went to scottsbluff Nebraska road trip. We're all in van we got the scottsbluff Nebraska, the show was the next night. We got in late. We're all just saving money. We didn't have a big budget. Verne was cheapest fuck. So we had a split a room when I'm thinking. I think I'm going to give yourself. Because Medusa had to share a room with me. So I got my game on in my mind. I got it all on my mind. I had my plan. I knew what I was gonna do. Head my moves old down. We got to the room, we got into the bed. We had this share. I looked over Medusa, I went fucker arms or twice a size of mine, if I do this, and it's still good on my dead, man. So Medusa I didn't make that move. And I hope you forgive me for it. I know you probably ever since that you've probably been laying around in bed at night, Tam, why didn't he make that move? I'm sorry. But I just wanna say, Bruce, you know, I went to the WWE, you all know the history I don't need to talk about the history to, but you've all heard it, an eighty three weeks. All the time. So I won't go into the details of I went to the WWE there was, there was a little bit of heat. They're almost put him on a business. Stephanie hated my guts because I've probably almost over dad into bankruptcy. I mean there was nobody that liked me, right. Half the talent that was there from WCW wanted to see me burn in hell. What the hell you don't have to agree with that. So I walked through the doors that this is gonna be a great opportunity. I could make friends with people that used to be my enemies..

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