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MONACO ON DESIGN NOW Monaco's March issue as I mentioned is on newsstands now and pays particular to all things. Austria has such. We thought we dedicate the show to exploring how this relatively small nation punch his well above. Its weight on the global stage offering lessons on everything from designed to diplomacy and hospitality. I up. We're talking fashion design in Vienna with Rica Shabby Sir Handler. She's curated a new show entitled to show off at the Museum of Applied Arts in the Austrian capital our producer. Tom Started by asking ship. It's a handler about the heady days of high fashion in one thousand nine hundred eighty s but as it was sweeny important to show the contemporary Australian fashion scene and this scene started in the eighties because they have three really important things in Vienna. One thing was that the rector the well known artist official man that unfortunately hittites three weeks ago and he was dead diamond at beginning of the eighties director at the University of applied art in Vienna. It's insane but frauds Konaga at the beginning of the eighties to Vienna teaching profession. Plus and Karl Lagerfeld. This time they had designers. Khloe and his impact change totally. The impact of for the students keep really changed session in the session class and this was really important and design us like Tucson the UK invest rotator. Track land. Rough Simmons Bennett be sold out in the past thirty years so this is a very special special education. Nba Anna and the second.

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