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Remember that being on the water boy. So yes, yes. Yes. So so listen, I know both of you guys. What is what does it? Call the four minute. All right. Let's just start. This is about time that we got off into the players here. Instead of deepest leads the cops for the longest time and BG. Okay. Now, we ask them office play especially old Lyme in here to counter, this deepens the press we've had him last two years time. I'm all for it. No problem. But you guys you guys project cells in going out and executing at four minute offense. Now, you don't typically get the at OPEC's would fourteen minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Yes. But that's basically what that turned into yesterday. What was that? Like for you out there. Seventeen plays eleven minutes, eighteen seconds. It's really just putting your will in the line in front of national television in God and seeing who wants it more. And that's that's really what it is. When you come down to it. It's all black and white. Out there on the field. But really, it's that's how we like to finish games. We wish we could be dominant like that throughout the game. But it's really about serotonin and finishing. That's that's when everybody's tired. And and you got to persevere. I know that that drive came after they had that after they had scored the Bill go. Yes, it was at the they were about three points dry vegetarian. We were all downtown you. We're all kids. He's been in the league thirty years. I believe that he can still kick the ball with the best. He was playing. Well, we was playing stealing there. So you get that drive. Is there is there? Anything said. And I'm sure you guys didn't. At Ted for a seventeen play drive, eleven minutes. You obviously want to get down to feel. You're just trying to respond to the score that just happened. Yes. But is there anything said prior to going out to vote? I think the scoreboard says it all it's.

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