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The pride passion then pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul Fein bomb show hour three podcast. And we're back second half the show live from Knoxville. Yeah, that's smokey there. You see a lot of smokey replicas on the campus of the university of Tennessee, which is where we are. We have made it back to rocky top on homecoming weekend, the dogs are in town and we are here. We've had a great show. We just had Tim Tebow on Josh lane joining us. He's the sports editor of the daily Beacon. And it is a delightful to welcome you Josh. Good afternoon and thanks for being here. Paul, thanks for having me. So excited to be here. Let's talk first about this campus right now. It seems different than any time I have experienced it in a long time. And I want you to tell us from a student perspective, you cover the team at the UT daily Vega in the school newspaper. What's it been like to watch all this unfold and especially to see the excitement for the first time in a long time? Yeah, the word you said describes a perfectly just exciting. I mean, everybody's talking about the football team again. It's always big around here on campus, but now that they finally have a good product or at least better than it was to ask last couple of years, I think everybody just excited about it. Obviously, fast paced often set scores points. That's going to get eyes. It's going to get attention. But I think excitement is just the best word to use everybody's talking about the program now. As a student sports writer, you're obviously you want they're still getting around. This is your school. You want them to do well, but you've also had to cover as the rest of your colleagues. A lot of disasters. What has that been like in the ensuing months leading up to the hiring of Josh hyper and all the other? Within a couple of days, the head coach was gone. The legendary Hall of Fame athletic director who won a national championship was gone. It seemed like everything that could go wrong did. Yeah, it really did. I kind of was lucky that when I first started as an editor, it was at January right when Pruitt was fired and hypo is hired. So the very first thing I did as an editor was we had a special issue come out about that. So that was pretty challenging. I kind of set the tone. It's kind of been more relaxed and kind of the first thing I was doing was writing about everything that happened with Peru and looking into the investigation and all this. And then we hire hypo a couple of days later. So you're writing about hand, you're looking into him. So it was kind of a tough way to start, but you know, here we are now. In terms of that investigation, and I know we don't hear a lot about it. But it is out there and there are some concerns not to dampen the spirit. But whatever happens there could affect recruiting moving forward. What are you hearing? Not much right now. Obviously, a couple of weeks ago, there was the news that Jeremy Peru was calling out some of the coaches. I don't know if that was just made or what I haven't heard much since then about that as far as Rick Barnes and everybody else, they get what's called out. So I assume there wasn't much stalking in that. But it's just in the back of everybody's mind, of course, recently, Tennessee decided not to self impose a bold band. I guess that's kind of the right move considering that they think most of the guilty parties, including in coach and players are gone now. So just doing that kind of protecting the innocent players that are still here. There's still looking into it a little bit, and they have some smaller punishments and the size of maybe the recruiting pullbacks like you mentioned kind of limiting that or limiting scholarships or whatever the case may be. Just kind of those smaller penalties. But I do think it'll have an impact on recruiting. Since they're not doing a bold band, they're going to impose those other panels there in that area. Talking to Josh lane who's a sports editor of the school paper. Josh, let's talk a little bit about your role. Before the season, we had the opportunity to talk to I think we talked to somebody from every different school newspaper leading. And it was so cool. And as you do your job, I know your contact and concert often with others. What is the mood out there among campus reporters, especially in the aftermath of what happened in Oklahoma where you had someone that does what you do, literally break the biggest story of the year by sneaking in, not sneaking, but he legitimately climbed on top of a building or something and looked in and found out what was happening with Spencer Rattler and Caleb Williams in Oklahoma. Yeah, I think he's kind of as you mentioned earlier when you came in and spoke with us is that that idea that we don't get much respect. And obviously, you know, you can debate with the other figures that feel like that. But with student journalism, it's always just kind of been behind just behind everything else just because of the fact that we are students. Obviously, we try to be as professional and treated just like any other journalist would be, but at the end of the day, we are students. And even though most other people in the media are very kind and very helpful to us, they're just in the back of everybody's minds. I feel like they think, oh, they're just students. So they're not as important. You know, they're not as credible or whatever the case may be. So to see, and to hear that story, what happened in Oklahoma, students taking the next step in breaking a story before anybody else and doing it in that crazy way. I think it just goes to reinforce that student media student journalism is a big thing and it is legit. It's not just students on the side just doing whatever they want to. It is an actual really can break news just like anybody else. And you mentioned. Earlier, and I want to thank you and your entire group for having me back to a building. I did know how to get there. It was so cool. Not to opine about my own experiences, but to be able to spend a considerable amount of time with you and your colleagues at the school newspaper. And then we had what I thought was a big surprise. We had the Chancellor. Ploughman dropped by and I had never met her before but I felt like I knew her and I told her I said the reason I feel like I know you Chancellor is that she's been on the front and center so often with a machine she's the one that went all in on Jeremy Pruitt. How did that play on this campus? When she did that. I think the mindset with everybody was kind of what you were alluding to earlier was just that it's a nice change because a lot of schools could have just swept this under the rug. It's very minor compared to some of these other scandals and things that happen. So the fact that they brought it out, they brought it to light, they call it. There's some schools that will not even acknowledge that they're under investigation, right? Yeah, that's what he just flat out said. That's guilty. That's what made it so different was the fact that she said that to the public, and then they fired through it immediately. They looked into it and now they've been so open and honest about the whole investigation since they've been working very closely with the NCAA. And I think that's just a nice change from what you normally hear about administration and kind of involved in interfered with the athletic program. Let me wrap up here in a second, Josh talking about what you're doing. And I will, for those who have never been in a position, I mean, you are in such a unique position. You're at this great university with football what it is. You got Georgia here this weekend. How do you approach your job knowing that there are a lot of young people who are reading you keeping up with you, however they are and not let all that affect what.

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