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Would be inclined to try to keep jacoby perset and make him the long-term starter there and if not they'll probably draft one <hes> <hes> but i want to get to my guests before too long before i do. I want to give you three four little pieces of advice in the next week or so. I've got a podcast coming up next wednesday. I'm going to call it the n._f._l. Preview spectacular and i'm going to have freddie kitchens. The coach of the cleveland browns juju smith schuster the very news worthy news making wide receiver of the pittsburgh steelers and drew brees the record-setting record-breaking quarterback of the new orleans orleans saints who's got a lot to say about life and football. I think you're going to absolutely love these. <hes> these bits next week these interviews next week these conversations that i did on my training camp tour but also got three other things to tell about number. One training camp show n._b._c. sports network the n._b._c. sports staff has done a fabulous job culling down basically three weeks of information that i had out on the trail and it's appearing in two parts currently on n._b._c. sports network august thirty one on saturday today it will appear at eleven eleven thirty pm back to back to back to back half hour episodes and on monday labor day. It's going to be on on ten and ten thirty a._m. On labor day <hes> the peter king training camp tour coming right into your living room. Also this week a really good interview that i'm looking forward to hearing mike florio and n._f._l. Vice president of officiating our river on will talk walk and i'm really looking forward to that because florio's not afraid of putting anybody on his grill and i think that will drop on wednesday they afternoon. I believe be shirtless into that on. Mike florio's p._f. T- p._m. Podcast also chris simms unbuttoned podcast. This week has the a._f._c. n._f._c. over under win totals and i'm sure i only disagree with chris about twenty seven of those but he'll make his arguments for them and i'm looking forward to listening to that as well and now my conversation with carson palmer remember thinking back to his especially especially in two thousand fifteen season i believe when pro football focus so i've got a lot of respect for you know great at him as the best quarterback in a game name for his outstanding season in arizona but i didn't want to necessarily talk about how wonderful carson palmer the quarterback was was. Even though i know we'd love to hear that i just really wanted to talk about <hes> what a quarterback goes through and in order to play football how much he actually goes through in order to play the game and so carson palmer basically in his career in cincinnati oakland and arizona. I'll just give you a short discussion of his is injuries. In two thousand four miss time with a sprained knee in on the last play of his two thousand five season a playoff game in pittsburgh. His knee got caved in by a nose tackle kimo von hoffman of the steelers he suffered a tornadoes torn m._c. l. and torn meniscus on that play and semi miraculously. He was ready to play at the start of the next season..

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