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What the solutions look like but they gotta clear the path so that commerce can flow or a lot of people are gonna be unemployed and it's gonna have a huge impact on us The ambassador bridge in Windsor has been closed for a fourth day A twist in the Trump document saga more from CBS evening news anchor Nora O'Donnell New York Times reporter Maggie haberman in a new book reports that White House staffers regularly found ripped up papers clogging a toilet in the presidential residence when former president Trump lived there Meanwhile CBS News has confirmed that the national archives believes that some of the records recovered from Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort may have included classified information The national archives has asked the DoJ to investigate DoJ deliberations are in its early stages and there is no certainty that the referral will lead to an investigation or criminal charges U.S. snowboarder Sean white falls short of a medal in his Olympic farewell CBS's D futterman and Beijing The flying tomato Shaun White ends his Olympic career with a good performance but not quite good enough to earn a medal His second run and a half pipe earned him a score of 85 that just barely misses third place so Sean white ends up in fourth He ends up winning three gold medals in his Olympic career in the half pipe Tuesday CBS News at the Winter Olympics in Beijing Two Dallas Texas police officers face charges they're accused of firing less lethal ammunition injuring two people who were involved in protests after George Floyd's death in 2020 Jobless claims fall for a third straight week This is CBS News Find your next great hire with indeed our hiring platform makes it easy to attract screen and interview candidates all in the same place Visit indeed dot com slash credit Ten O three here on WTO It's Thursday night February 10th 2022 at 37 in upper Marlboro heading down to the upper 20s overnight Good evening I'm Dmitri soldiers for the top local stories we're following this hour Breaking news on WTO But just learning Stafford county public schools in Virginia are dropping the universal mask mandate for students starting February 22nd Julie Carey with our news partners at NBC four reports the school board voted to reverse its policy on mass following testimony from dozens of parents pushing for the change during a meeting tonight repeating Stafford county public schools dropping universal mask mandates for students starting in less than two weeks February 22nd Meanwhile the loudon county sheriff's office says it is searching for a man who escaped police custody in Sterling tonight They say officers are currently searching the area of cascades Parkway and Woodland road after the man took off on foot while handcuffed The department identified him as 21 year old Mila grant They say that he was initially taken into custody for trespassing and assault on law enforcement that happened earlier at the learner park dollar department A spokesperson for the sheriff's office he's telling WTO that grant may have changed clothing with the help of a friend the asking anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact the sheriff's office Stay with us here at a WTO dot com for the latest Turning to schools again since Tuesday D.C. police have been investigating bomb threats at schools and the threats continued today even after arrests were made With more from HD Woodson and northeast which was one of four schools to get threats today It's very concerned Keon Bellamy has a 9th grader here at HD Woodson and he says two days in a row he has come here worried about his son a mid bomb threats You know we just want our kids to.

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