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Wants got call from swedish public radio. Did you know there was such a thing. I didn't being the current pastor of a church that was founded by an antibac- ser is a bit of an odd thing for pastor. Lucianne am i saying that. Right by the way lucianne cool. It's german because history. People call the church with certain expectations called me thinking that ours was like a vac anti vaccine church or something like that and i'm like sorry man. I have to disappoint you. Lake we had a flu shot at the soup kitchen at our church just the other day story of the haning. Jacobson's case has this weird quality about it where people keep reaching back to try and find some kind of meaning from the life of this. One antibac- pastor so if we were going to do the movie in your head of how life went. How does it start. Let's see with the little knowledge i have. I have to figure out a movie. The movie would have to start in sweden and movie with start and headings boyhood nineteenth century rural sweden. A town called ila stop. Which is a remote community settled near big blue lake surrounded by rolling plains if you wanted to focus the movie on what he is most famous or infamous for which is the supreme court case than a hollywood movie would probably start with him sweating and pain. Having his first bad experience of the vaccine henning i vaccinated in sweden when he was six years old and then the carries that memory into his later life and then i imagined him coming to this country wide eyed thirteen years old and sort of being struck by the diversity of america. Then he ends up going to college and seminary. All i know about him is from the few records. We have here at church. It's really not much to go on. You know you should really talk to historian. Can you introduce yourself. Sure michael rich. I'm chair of the history department at brandeis university. And i'm the author of pox and american history professor will reach has his own version of the henning. Jacobson biopic i would open with him going down to the docks boston. A grown henning jacobson would take frequent trips from his home in cambridge down to the city of boston. Waiting as immigrant ships came into the harbor media and the swedish immigrants who came off the ships and finding jobs and housing for them and basically be kind of working class minister. He worked on building this community of people from scratch gathering people together. Pastor lucianne calls him a sort of community organizer. He founded a church an emigrant church here. Among people who were for the most part poor laborers came to this country not with a lot of money seeking economic opportunity. Nineteen hundred one. There's a smallpox outbreak in the northeast of this country. Smallpox was one of the most deadly diseases the world had ever seen at that point it would result in fevers and oozing sores that would sometimes cover people's entire face and body. It was the same disease that european settlers brought to north america in the seventeenth century when it killed native american populations and many many people two hundred years later. There were still outbreaks in major. Us cities and in one thousand nine hundred cambridge was in the middle of one of those outbreaks was part of this wave of epidemics across the nation so the city of cambridge decided to make vaccination mandatory. They're very diligent about they go door to door. Had i guess jacobson the sufficiently prominent because of his roles of minister in the community that the chairman of the local board of health came to his door and knocked on his door and offered sliced asked slash demanded that he be vaccinated and jacobson refused. He refuses because he believed that it was his right to refuse vaccination. He's like nobody can tell me what to put on my body..

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