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And I wish I was I was never part of the hang. I was kind of looked at a guy that came up pretty quick without paying many Jews though. I paid a lot of dues. But I came on the scene quick. Because what I'm trying to say is Vegas was really became my home club. Well, that's the thing is because I never met you. And I know everybody, I know real sort of like sure bearing on on your life. But because it seems to me that not everybody started with you. There was a grail in the grail. Was you know, a television show? It was it was it was Hollywood Centric. But the thing is is that you're of a different generation mentally in a way in that. Like, you know, why gotta work, and you know, if I can get twenty thirty weeks Vegas, then I'm in tolerated. So you're I wasn't on like. Where's the show built around me? You know, where you know? How do I more Carson's? This was my club. I'm working. I'm working. I'm you know, I'm working in. But I could see how that generation comics would be like, well that guy just does Vegas. We're here trying to sass in and it seems likely right? And then I went out and did to the clubs to where I took a few hits and had to learn that that tactic. Yeah. You know? But like, Indianapolis the comedy connection that was huge room for what was the jacomb, Patty, Patty. Yeah. I did huge stuff their character. He was amazing. He's still alive and hitting eighty I cut my teeth there, you know, India, Geno, Bob, and Tom who were the radio, I know, Bob, and Tom it's just Bob. Now, he just Bob now. I went on for some reason I did well on morning radio. And I think it's because I was so hung over back in those days from the night before not proud of it. But it it got me there, whatever, Bob. Tom type morning show when you're with a tight crew like on a morning show. It's great..

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