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Sun britain's favorite newspaper family can of course live to america to maryland infection the usa to kathryn glenn forced the president and ceo of americans united for life capture this case i think is good the world what are your thoughts on it should charlie been allowed to go to america for treatment and truly house groups our world and thanks so much for having me yes i heard me say that he should have been allowed and that would backed up over the last week as dr harada okay doctor for your article was able to fight only example charlie where he stole medical records and determined that based on the guy from october one to go fact there was a very quick have significant improvement god charlie been treated dan and only only think of the latest scams from sunday that we've learned that at the meantime in by bicocca deteriorated appoint that the treatment would not be useful because this treatment and it can only occasion he would have taken a true now and um and it works on the muscle tissue so with muscle atrophy that um but he could quite over the last several my at this point a treatment in skopje not something that that would work anymore cancer god i just put this to you said that that the the professor harani had looked to charlie scans bounce it's been revealed here in court is caused some controversy than on july the searching he stated that he had not visited the hospital to examine charlie but in addition he had not read charlie's contemporaries medical records all viewed his brain imaging but still he said that this drug would actually help and but what we've since discovered is that the professor has a financial interest in in some of the components of the drug that he said should help charlie and he had doctors as saying that he has given false hope to the parents on something that he has a financial interested.

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