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The president made that joke about Greg Gianforte us. There was one gentleman a Trump supporter in the crowd who was doing. Pro wrestling moves doing body, slam type gestures. So the crowd was obviously eating this stuff up. I wonder whether or not there's a cause and effect whether or not the pros rhetoric plant seeds violence in his supporters is okay. Browse. I think it was pretty evident there. The crowd was loving every minute of this. When the president was talking about assaulting joking about assaulting reporters at this rally tonight. An embarrassing performance tonight by the president with those jokes and people cheering him on as Don lemon. Don, lemon gets funnier. I listen, I'm starting to watch Don lemon because he is he is beside himself. You wanna talk about being triggered Don lemon is a perpetual state of being triggered the poor guy. Looks like he's going to break down every single night on TV. Trump is living in their heads rent free. He's driving them bunkers, Mika good old Mika Brzezinski over on MSNBC. She didn't like it either. You got Jim Acosta and Don lemon talking about how just awful and embarrassing, and he he's he's pledging the seeds of violence. Well, make a Brzezinski said, Don lemon, and Jim Acosta, hold my beer, you think Trump's bad about planning the seat of violence against local reporters like this guy from the guardian or whatever in Montana, the I guess it's from the guardian over the UK. But nonetheless, you think that's bad hold my beer. I can do you one better. Here's me cut number one. This is audio audio and video from of course, MSNBC and gravy. And because this president has been calling the press the entity enemy of the people, and I can tell you. We're not gonna let this go. We're not gonna let this go. With the Washington Post is not going to let this go. The New York Times says not going to let this go. And also in terms of how we conduct our foreign policy. We can't be a joke. We can't be siding with the Saudis when they murder a Washington Post columnist that can't be our reality at some point this has to end and one way or another or you're not going to let it go. Make a really is this time the time you're not gonna let it go. You haven't let anything go since the president denounced you and made fun of you and your and your hurt because you used to be pals with guide you and Joe used to hang out at mar Largo on New Year's Eve used to use a party with the president. And then he denounced you and turned his back on you. I'm sorry that was from CBS last night. That was I guess on the Stephen Colbert show that wasn't on MSNBC. Yeah. You haven't let anything go. And we're going to don't you love that threat. This time we're not gonna let it go. These guys have been defeated. These guys have been I love what John Dempsey over a town hall writes about the way, the president has freed the Republican party from the Mika Brzezinski, Jim Acosta, Joe Scarborough wolf Blitzer, you name it. Mainstream media. The media has taken him on from the first day they've attacked him relentlessly, but they have consistently failed his approval ratings are going up. And it's making them much. It's making them really crazy. And I always say this with a cautionary reminder. I'm not mocking mental illness. I'm not minimizing mental illness. I'm not trying to discount real mental illness. But this is a derangement that is. The more. They try. The worship gets the more. They try. The harder they fall, and I kept hearing that over and over last night in Tampa we're off to Philadelphia next week and then Dallas. And then Chicago, I'm told Dallas is sold out. So we'll mention the date..

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