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The bootleg fire continues to threaten more than 3000 homes and other structures near the border with Northern California. Fire officials say more favorable weather conditions are helping crews trying to contain its spread. Separate wildfire in Northern California has crossed into Nevada. The Tamarack Fire has burned at least 68 square miles south of Lake Tahoe. It was started by lightning. Scientists say climate change is making these large destructive wildfires more likely because of higher temperatures and drier vegetation. The death toll from flooding in central China is up to 33. NPR's Emily Fang says nearly 400,000 people have been evacuated following the heaviest rainfall in the region in 60 years. The flooding has been concentrated and normally arid Henan province. Their prolonged rains cause subways to flood drowning. Some of the passengers inside in Zhengzhou, the capital, urban streets are also flooded, sending cars and debris drifting down boulevards. Much of the city is still without electricity. The provinces stopped most trains enclosed on highways in areas still underwater. Earlier this week, the military blasted the dam to let floodwater strain. China experiences seasonal rainfall, but excessive damning climate change and rapid urbanization have led to more deadly floods in recent years. Emily Fang. NPR NEWS Beijing Stock markets in Asia closed higher today following two consecutive days of gains on Wall Street. I'm Dave Mattingly. NPR News in Washington. This is 90.9 W b. You are good morning. I'm Deborah Becker Province. Town officials.

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