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Traffic and weather on the AIDS to Jo Conway, the W. T o P traffic center Sandy on the capital Beltway. There's still a work again this weekend on the adult of westbound 45 after New Hampshire Avenue over top of the Northwest branch. It's only the left side squeezing by with great difficulty. Lister's say the delay begins near Route one college park. It will cost you some time. To get through this work zone. It'll also affect 95 South jammed up from after 2 12 trying to join the adult loop. Bolton wants to park we note current issues reported. Same goes for the 2 70 quarter eastbound. I 70 leaving Route 27 Ridge Road heading toward Route 94 Woodbine Road. It's the crash were told, and only the right thing was getting by with a brief delay, but it'll cost you a little time is well. Virginia 95 95 no issues to report currently for you 66 with a good right eastbound westbound At last report, work sewn on route, 28 was north out and south bound through Manassas Park between York Charlene and Manassas Drive. It was a single thing getting by. They're paving. They tell us On I 81 south and one West Virginia here South found near in wood table station. Road effect is a serious crash. Apparently it's only one lame getting by district on to 95 north down the earlier crashed your Pennsylvania Avenue has been cleared. Looking for a crash to 95 South Down your Malcolm X Avenue 3 95 South bound as Main Avenue. The ongoing roadwork blocks the left lane. Stay to the right to get by, but expect major delays for most of the day to day. And a reminder. Don't forget the Arlington Memorial Bridge remain shut down both ways because of ongoing weekend road work. I'm Jo Conway. W T o p traffic now to storm team for a meteorologist Lauren Rick. It's chilly Start this morning, and we will continue to see temperatures on the chilly side throughout this Halloween Saturday..

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