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This is name Jack Sweeney. But anyways, there's a guy. Something like that. Yeah, it's been in the news, and I'm sure everybody's heard about this as a guy who not only not only stocks Elon Musk's private jet on something like flight aware, but he actually created a website that scrapes the information off the public web and posts specially so that you can, you know, so it's sort of a, it's sort of a where in the world is Elon Musk, right? Or strictly speaking, where in the world is Elon Musk's airplane. But yeah. And so, and the story as the story goes, you know, when it's first happened, Elon offered him $5000 to take it down. And I think pretty wisely the guy said, well, give me 50,000 and I'll take it down. Oh, 50,000, 500,000. Or whatever it was he asked for. No, he asked for piastre 50 and I'm like, no, Elon, I don't know sure you have enough money right now. Yeah. And it's now, but apparently now the guy has. I mean, it's kind of working to his advantage as one of the it's gotten in some notoriety. And I guess he works in the coding world or something like that. And so this visibility has helped him financially. And he's got a, he's got a sponsor or something now. He's got permission now from the FAA to do this. Fine for you. The FAA, I'm this information. And here's the punchline. That's always been possible. That's always been doable. Yeah. I mean, those of us who pay attention to stuff realized from the get go that this was, of course, he can track Elon's airplane. This is the way it works. And, you know, so anyways, so I'm not the only one. But I don't manage to make a laugh a lot of money out of the people I stalk, which maybe well, I don't know. You have to up your game. There's a life lessons there somehow some way. And. Then I don't know. A FedEx wants to put laser death rays on their airplanes. That's not exactly true, but now. This is a story from a while ago. Did they actually has anything happened here? Did they get permission every day? From our favorite aviation publication futurism dot com, a colon called the bite. FedEx asks permission to kind of FedEx ask permission to install anti missile lasers on its cargo jet. Yeah, it uses a reactive system. If it gets targeted by, we have an update to this story. We do. Okay. Yeah, David. Go ahead, David. Describe how it works or what it does? Well, system detects it. It's being targeted that counters with its own laser light to free the missile coming in. When I first, that's right. And that's my understanding as well. And when I first read this story, I had images of a Star Wars laser death ray. But it doesn't actually explode. If there were an incoming missile or whatever, it doesn't actually destroy it. The laser confuses its heat sensors or something like that. Yeah, so it hits somewhere else. Yeah. So something still gets hit. But so Jeff, you're saying there's an update on this. What is it? Yeah, I just sent it via the same Caster page. It's a lawyer summarize it for us. Oh, the headline is kind of says it all. U.S. FAA halts review of FedEx proposal to install a three 21 laser based missile defense system. And this is data January 18th. So they're not even going to consider this proposal. Hang on a second. The FAA said Tuesday it has determined that further internal study is necessary. He said to avoid confusion, a comment period on a proposal that the agency is not moving forward at this time. The FAA is withdrawing the notice. FedEx did not comment Tuesday in the FIA declined comment beyond the withdrawal. So somebody somebody's something. Go ahead. Somebody's what? There's a chance kids are listening to it. Cynical much? My goodness. Okay. Someone messed up. Someone did something they shouldn't have done. And just basically what I think they did is they made it public. Right. That was a mistake. Because this kind of thing has been, this goes back to right after the 9 11 back in the early aughts. And the terror industrial complex was really getting the role on. And I sent the briefing talking about likelihood of.

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