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That time is even exist do they. Do they exist or can we trust voter. That is exactly my point because if she is working with king who we know is a big bad out. There waiting to be introduced They could this could be all part of their scheme and there has to be a reason why nobody has really seen the timekeepers in the sense that she is the only one who coincidentally how strange is as direct access to them and he's always very very tight lipped about what they're doing. Oh they're just monitoring the time and we'll have you're doing thing and moebius i think is not entirely sold on this because he seems to want to broad a little bit but she kind of shut him down every time he tries to protest somewhat. So i do partly also because loki keeps putting little bucks in his ear about it. Okay you know. Where are these timekeepers. You keep talking about it. I wanna meet them. I wanna talk to them. Constantly refers to the three lizards. Who'd was good. It was fun. But yes i do. That's the magic lizards. So i do think that misr enslave probably has is playing a game of her own and will probably will probably be reviewed by the time. The series is over. So i talked to ramona. That's right folks. If you haven't you though shame on you. And i'm sure we'll probably this will probably be confirmed as we get to the indices but yes i i do think there's more to it and not to mention the fact that has said that the whole concept of the time keepers i. It might very well. Be the whole wisdom does thing where she is literally the man behind the curtain of the woman behind the curtain playing off that that's the time keepers is doing thing while she and possibly hang in the shadows of doing something else and so the the the time. Keep is just a distraction and narrative. They've sold in order to do their stuff. So i think that there will be. That will be coming up soon. It'd be nice if we do get king but who knows you know before your odds on this. If you're a man which..

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