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Charlotte Reese tells us there are more regulations going into place this week in the first day starting Tuesday Delawareans must wear face coverings in public settings that was the message governor John Carney gave Saturday under his latest modification to the state of emergency declaration anyone over the age of twelve must wear a facemask to essential businesses like grocery stores pharmacies and on public transportation due to risk of suffocation the governor says children two and under must not wear face covering on Friday Kearney laid out factors needed to reopen the state most importantly an extensive testing contact tracing isolation approach at a level much greater than what what we're doing new castle county has the highest number of cases but cases in Sussex county are rising quickly by Friday may first businesses must supply a mask to individuals who don't have one or offer pick up or delivery Charlotte Reese KYW newsradio be sure to have your eyes to the sky this week as the Thunderbirds blue angels be flying over Philadelphia together for more on this is K. with abuse Andrew Kramer looking this guy on Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock you'll see the joint flyover to be about twenty minutes long before arriving in Philly the Thunderbirds say they'll be doing the same thing with the blue angels in Trenton at one forty five and in New York City before that they're doing this to salute covert nineteen frontline workers now there were rumors these fibers are going to happen last week it's a surprise but the city shut those down pretty quickly they told us at the time this is something they need to know in advance because they want to set out guidelines for how to watch this safely we're keeping an eye out for those the Thunderbirds say you'll be able to see this from everywhere in the city no need to go anywhere they don't want the crowds forming we'll learn about their specific flight path well before the flyover Andrew Kramer K. Y. W. newsradio are the stories that highlight our region's great and great ordinary people of greater Philadelphia becoming difference makers it's really rising on KYW newsradio Instinet meet today's story Delco United it all started with a Facebook post Dana Cavanaugh wanted to send lunch to a mother's hospital department on the front lines of the nineteen so she asked people to chip in it was for recognition or for credit it was to send lunch one day and it turned into something really big the support was so overwhelming that she created a Facebook page called Delco United the group donates money which data uses to organize food deliveries to frontline an essential workers in just around a month the group is getting six thousand members and raise nearly twenty five thousand dollars in county I'm running the group but this Facebook page when not even exist without those members and without their donations that they send in none of that would be possible is truly a group effort Dana says the fed around two hundred locations including police department fire companies grocery stores garbage collection hospitals and septa some places are just so excited that they were even thought they're grateful and then we have a lot of places that we've donated pizza too and then the next day I get donations from them that they want to pay it forward the group is practically become a full time job for Dana who's also a mother of two young boys her husband Kyle as a police officer but thankfully she's also recruited him to serve part time assistant it's a job but it's a very rewarding you know a difference maker who should be featured on Philly rising go to KYW newsradio dot com slash Philly rising we'll have.

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