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Coming up our top stories this morning, potatoes and onions have been spilled all over the southbound lanes of the Baltimore, Washington Parkway this morning came after a truck accident that caused traffic to be diverted onto route two O two. Ukrainian authorities report explosions in multiple cities today saying Russia has launched a major new missile attack on its infrastructure. Twitter has suspended the accounts of journalists who cover the social media platform, and its new owner Elon Musk, Musk has not explained why, but has accused those journalists of sharing private information about his whereabouts, though he provided no evidence, stay with WTO for more on these top stories in just minutes. It's 6 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Jack now on the traffic center. All right, that overturned tractor trailer from overnight, south on the Baltimore Washington Parkway has been put back on its wheels, but we are still diverting south on the BW Parkway down at two O two. The rams from two O two onto the southbound Parkway remain blocked. The cleanup off the ramp from the southbound BW Parkway headed toward kenilworth avenue continues. Obviously, you have no access beyond two O two, so you can't get to D.C. two 95 or go inbound on New York avenue. We have overflow traffic, obviously, as you ride the beltway through lanham, 50 west, your jam near four ten, heavier than normal traffic just as you ride along two O two, even along four ten and four 50, as everybody's kind of working their way around. In the delay, south on the Parkway near four 50, we'd have reports of a fender bender in the slowdown, 15 in Frederick north before Patrick street, report of Iraq, 95 in Laurel, north up near the patuxent, sounds like we've got a vehicle off in the median, maybe grabbing a little bit of attention so do be careful. Now, you will find the beltways getting slower, topside outer loop. After 95 toward George avenue, in a loop now slows after saint Barnabas road down toward the Wilson bridge. There is a delay two 70 south, it's heavy, in urbana down toward one O 9, but lanes are open from Frederick to the lane divide. There was a wreck in the district I think earlier. It cleared, it had been inbound on the 11th street bridge, just as you left I two 95 had been in the left lane. I'm thinking this may be over on the shoulder. There's only a slight delay. Big slowdowns, one 23 both directions, just north of chain bridge. Northbound travelers turning around, there is emergency utility work going on before the bridge, north libro, you can use that to access the inbound chain bridge. You will find we'd had a little slower traffic south, George Washington Parkway after the key bridge, crash along the right side, and there had been a reported wreck north on the GW Parkway, the ramp to the inner loop. Rid your home of unwanted pests, turn to home paramount pest control, call today for a free inspection, 8 8 8 8 8 8 home, or visit home paramount, dot com. Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic. All right, let's check our forecast here with Mike sinnett, Micah. It looks like we'll have at least somewhat of a better day than it was yesterday. Yeah, an improving weather picture coming our way for the next several days, although we'll stay rather chilly

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