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Obviously five game winning streak, but so you gotta watch out for that. All right. Next guy up is going to be Marlin MAC, and he's more of a mid round thing. He's actually because he's going to start running back for the colts and hopefully I think Angela has thrown football and I'm not sure the prognosis on him quite if they're gonna. Really. They're targeting week one for him for Andrew luck. I mean, if you get in their Marlin, MAC can be he's the guy who can catch out of the backfield they like to. I mean, you could see the colts are trying to get more into that kind of offense where they're getting the ball out of Alex, Alex Smith out of Andrew lucked hands really quickly. Obviously they did Reaser up their offensive line with the through the draft with getting into Nelson is a big deal who actually that's going to get any. Nelson not only is going to help enjoy Gillette, but it's going to help this guy Marlin Mack who I'm talking to my right now. Marlin MAC, he's going to open up holes for him. He's going to be pulling pulling guard is able to get on the outside guys, Griff it system and that's only gonna help you running back there. So Marlin MAC, he's going to be the number one Rodney Mack and he was. So if you're looking for a guy moved to stock on your bench just in case one of the top guys goes down. If you if you have two running backs or if you need some just depth if you like mixing match, Affleck's players might that this guy who's I think he's ADP is probably I think seventh or eighth round right now. So I mean, it's kind of a mid mid range right now. So I'm MAC is is pretty good. So yes, the seventy eighth ninth round as I'm looking at right now for my ADP when I say ADP average draft position. So ADP. Yeah. So he's going to be basically the number one guy Robert Sherman has been suspended. So for the first few weeks, you're going to have Marla MAC also as your artists back for Goldline's relations. And I'd like to have one of those on my team anyways, just like on my bench, like just in case they play team that has a really, really good secondary and really good pass defense. And if they run the ball a lot and if they get to the goal line and you punch it in Joe mixing in for me, last year is great. So watch out for this guy says he's probably gonna be great PR because the culture and the try and go to that quick fast pace offense, get the ball of Angela hands fast. He's going to be great, pass catcher. He's also pretty lucrative and he's not like that. Not to be on. The lean keeps his pad level though. Luckily luckily I saw from last year and misses the guy who who's not drafted as big to be part of this team was drafted outside of the top thirty running backs, but we'll have a large role team and he'll be the number one running back obviously. And. Probably get the if not all of the carries are you can't get all carries 'cause you're going to get to where to get out. But this is definitely going to be a team now with Angela, with a upgraded off, it's of line and the same weapons. They have the same weapons on the outside are fine. They got t. y. Hilton. They got Jack Doyle as a retired in..

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