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He's really good, but luckily for him, you know Richardson catches the ball and you know he wins the game. But yeah, it was. It was tough on the Giants, but may's always took it. You know, it is explained in the 62 chapter. You know that the high road he didn't let things bother him. And it was all about when he talked about how 40 40 if you told me a lot, and that's something I would have done it. And you know what's wrong with 660 home runs? Not like Ah, you know, third all time for the longest time was OK. But more than numbers, you know he did care about winning. But When he lost He didn't wear it. He didn't let it bother me. Just get moving on. At least that's how he talks in the book. So Lesson learned. I suppose you know you brought up what will, he said about and I always think about this that hey, if I knew, 40 40 was a big deal would have done it all the time. You did a lot talking about the new wage stat, You know, war and how guys from the past are measured, And that's why sometimes I think it's so difficult even though you take a stat like war. Willie Mays is an all time great with it. It's not like war devalues Willie Mays. In fact, As you pointed out, he probably should have one more MBPs, because if we were judging players based on the way we judge them now, Willie Mays probably has a handful more of em VPs, but it's also difficult to judge people on stats that dating no even existed. You know, because I think there were players and maybe Willy's included who says Hey, if I knew that this matter I could do this and this is going to improve my war. That numbers would look very different. That's why sometimes it's so difficult to go back. And say, This is what those guys numbers would look like, Using kind of the numbers of 2020 And he did win two MBPs and 50 for 65. So at the time, he was the youngest player ever to win an EVP and then a 65 was the oldest player ever to win an EVP and you look back and you know my truck could've won is every year like LeBron or Jordan and these guys, they put up the same numbers every year, just mind boggling, and that's what amazed it because he was He played 150 games plus for 13 straight years made staff and that's a record that will never be broken. Risking didn't even do that. 13 plus years and that was much of that was during 154 game season. But but you're right to every piece and you look back and I interviewed for this numbers chapter. No, Bill James, you know Sarah's and Rob Nyren, Tom Tango, Bill Arnold. All these guys who are historians and writers, statisticians, and they help break it down. And leaving those conversations. I'm thinking to myself doing the math. He could have won 8 to 11. And that when you look at the war, and then you know, we all you know, Now we know all about war. You're right. But they didn't know it wasn't a factor of more R B eyes is a big deal that then Willy's thing was always I wanted to score 100 drive in 100. And obviously after that's a huge deal, even in today's game, but R B I just are valued, like like they are. Do they hear you brought up the drugs? I had to go to baseball reference as soon as you brought it up in the book is 1960. To me, with all due respect to Maury Wills. How is he? The MVP over Willie Mays. I mean, it's not. What? Because he stole 100 for base is And I know the stolen base is kind of gone away, and I don't want to take 100 for stolen bases and say it doesn't mean anything. But Willie Mays clearly had a better year than Maury Wills wasn't even close. And that's what it was. It was like a you win a triple crown. You're going to be the M V. P Even though truck has a better year. You you steal 100 bags where you're going to be the NPT, even though may have had a better year, the same thing. But you look at the base. You look at the breakdown and, um I mean, it's not like Maury Wills is runs total increased heavily over amazes because of the stolen bases they scored. The same number of runs right may have had like more than 100 R B eyes. A ll The home runs hit, but And by the way the Giants win the pennant that God has been. So what possible reason? Would you look at the war is like 10. Plus versus, you know happened. Willie's wars. What more he had that year? And you know, we broke it down with Willie. I'm going over year after year after year and one thing Willie says if he doesn't big picture should ever win an EVP and Colfax 11 year and Ah, you know, this is right when the guy Young award was coming into baseball, by the way. And he just like, thanks and all the hitters right. Think that BP should goto headers, whether pictures getting before they got their own awards, But, yeah, you could break it down over those seasons with war thing you know, like a 10 war season is absolutely brilliant 10 war season. 10 wins, and it's been done only like nine times since 2000 Amazed it £3 trout the three cents for hitters. Well, Mae's averaged a 10 win season over seven years in the 60 average, and this is something that nobody in today's game has come close to doing. You know, John as a That fans is that the beginning 1962. I was very excited in 1972 Willy, you know, wild up with the messy the home run in his first and that is a vet and all that, But the 1973 World Series there was embarrassing moments for Willy in that World Series already clearly. Was not the guy he had been before. He had that terrible game in Oakland when he fell down a couple times in the outfield, trying to make plays. You know, he wasn't the history was, you know, obviously in the years before How about that? How about specifically his thoughts on that 73? Siri's and like I said, just so many embarrassing moments that he had Yeah, You're absolutely right. And I always thought that as well, You know the images of him falling down when a ball is hit to him. The images of him kneeling down at home plate arguing a call right? So I tried to go back and look into it and talk to as many people as that could who were there on both sides Oakland and New York along with Willy himself. And I found a love more information that we produced in that chapter. You know, talking with Crane, Poole and Koosman and Fever and all the A's Vita blue and, Ah, Rollie Fingers and Reggie Jackson and rape all the all the Particulars on both ends and AH, there's a little bit more to the story than those images. And one fact is, you know, Willie That was his first year is the first year in his life. He went on the disabled list..

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