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61 degrees in 11 o'clock in Good morning. I'm Joe Bartlett is being called everything from a Dumpster fire to an S show. The first presidential debate went off the rails early with President Trump and Joe Biden yelling at each other for some 90 minutes. Campaigns are trying to spin this charade. Republicans are arguing that the president made a compelling and commanding case. While Biden's campaign said he showed stability while the president just exuded chaos. Mattis correspondent Mary Bruce. Today the candidates are back out on the road, didn't Trump and Joe Biden hit the campaign trail today, trying to rev up voters after their first showdown on the debate stage. The president is heading to Minnesota, a state that narrowly went for Hillary Clinton in 2016 team. Trump is eager to flip the state but in ABC News Washington Post poll two weeks ago showed bite him with a 16 point advantage. Biden does a one day train tour through eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, trying to cut into the president's advantage outside Pittsburgh in that critical Battleground. Karen Travers, ABC News Washington and here in the city, a sign of progress. Indoor dining is allowed for the first time in six months. Toronto owners across the city say they've been waiting for this day for a long time, People to realize you know, the good operators and professional restauranteur is out there really taking this seriously, but there is a covert catch. Of course, restaurants can only operate a 25% capacity indoors. That, combined with outdoor seating may be enough for some. But many owners say they're just weeks or at most months away from shutting their doors because they say, every table has to be full to turn a profit. No one laden wooo are news and there is concern that the progress could be reversed. That's because the positivity rate in the city Continues to spike. The city's daily covert infection rate now exceeds 3%, primarily due to a lack of compliance with safety guidelines and nine zip codes in Brooklyn and Queens. The mayor valves to ramp up enforcement and work with community leaders in mostly Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, where many residents are not social distancing are wearing masks. The mayor promises. If the numbers don't come down, non essential businesses and private schools will be closed and gatherings of more than 10 band. Alice Stockton Rosine E W. Our news. Violence in the city flares again. A queen's woman inside her home was killed by a stray bobs and paramedics responded around 12 45 in the morning, finding 43 year old Bertha Arriaga unconscious. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Reports indicate the bullet went through a window before striking her this at her residence along 34th Avenue in Jackson Heights. Of course, shootings in general continue to be way up when compared to this time last year, Just about an hour later in Brooklyn, three were shot one fatally at a car wash and Coney Island, James Flippen. W. O R NEWS a decision expected today in the case of a Boy Scout killed by a drunk driver on Long Island, a judge going to rule on allegations of jury misconduct years ago Today, Thomas Murphy plowed into a Boy Scout troop in manner Ville after spending the day drinking at a golf course killing 12 year old Andrew McMorris. Murphy was found guilty of vehicular homicide, but sentencing was postponed. To to allegations of jury misconduct. Today. The judge is expected either to proceed directly to sentencing or he could grant a new trial with Murphy's attorney. Maintaining jurors did discuss the case inappropriately, although he doesn't expect the judge to overturn the case, Liz Warner W or news And the National Transportation Safety Board has issued its final report on that deadly limo crashing Harry Agency says Prestige limousine, the company that owned the vehicle's responsible for the crash that killed 20 people. They also criticised the State D M. V and the dhoti for not doing enough to get that limo off The road are news at 11 brought to you today by Calvary Hospital where life continues,.

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