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You think those voters in particular were not there at the level that they needed to be for Hillary Clinton? And and I'm just reading between the lines here of what you're saying? Sanchez and Kamala Harris will be able to bring those voters back. Well, I don't know if Camilla will I am thinking that that's one of the reasons that Joe that's so by that Vice President Biden picked her. I think it wass. You know, you know, I think I am. I'm helping because those were some of those border states. Arkansas, Tennessee, For example, I remember. You know, I was the chair of the Democratic Party nationally in the Gore election. And I remember that, you know, we lost Tennessee, which is yours. Um, you know, home state. We lost Arkansas by just a point or two, which was Bill Clinton's home state. We lost Florida by 500 votes in the course in doing you know, is it the Chad as a vote? Type of thing happens. So these states that Can be won by Democrat or Republican. So I'm anticipating that she can help with that. I think that one of the places that I've heard this You know my phone's been ringing off the hook, of course, because people know that That, you know, I know Kamala Harris and that you know, and they're going for what do you think, or I've had people who are in the Bernie camp were saying, you know, that's it. You know, he just didn't choose, you know. Elizabeth Warren or somebody else, So I get out. We're going to have to work to pull in those Bernie voters now that you know someone like an Elizabeth Warren wasn't chosen what he does to your hearing Loretta Sanchez from some summer and let's Face it Now, People forget this. Bernie Sanders one California by a good margin, 35% of the vote to Joe Biden's I believed, 20% if I wanna say right, two million votes to a 1.5 million votes, and you're hearing from Bernie backers that they're disenchanted with this choice. Yeah, You know, the very least not excited about it. They're not excited about it. I mean, but who would they have been excited about? I think they could have been excited about Elizabeth Horn. But you know, that was not to be, And there are reasons for that I made in California. We have Many, many more Democrats now than Republicans, as you know, from this matter here, But what about you know the Bernie I and some of those close states someplace like a Colorado someplace like in the body, you know. Ah, place like New Mexico or Arizona. I mean, you know, these are things that we thought we We have in the bag. And remember, those states don't necessarily have a lot of African Americans. What they have is a lot of young burning. Type democratic voters so well, you know, can wait till we get Yeah. How do we get them out? I mean, you know, I obviously I I want you're fighting to win. So you know, we just have to DEA really start working on that and especially in the time when You know, there isn't any face to face campaigning going on. All right, Loretta Sanchez. We gotta leave it there. But listen, don't be a stranger. We got what? 83 days to go until a little way Your opinion on this stuff? Very all right. Thank you, Loretta. Thank you. Okay, Quick, Take away here. She's hearing from Bernie people that they're not happy about this. And what was that last thing she said. We've gotta energize these 18 to 24 year old young Bernie backers. We've got to get them out there to vote. We need to energize them. If we're gonna win. Well, what else do we know about this? Population 18 to 24. They are stupid. That is why we put them in dormitories and they have a resident assistant. They make really bad that'll get those 18 to 24 year old voters out. Let's check in now with that Rodriguez and the deed carpet cleaning traffic.

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