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Treatments and save more lives visit TJ Martel dot org to learn about music's promise for a cure issue date courtesy update forecast W. L. A. Y. thanks Terry yeah we're looking at a little more light rain starting to move into the listening area this rain is going to be picking up as we move towards a late day hours on into the evening as well it's going to be a chilly rain as temperatures will be around forty the rain ends overnight though we'll settle back just into the upper thirties tomorrow just kind of a drizzly day temperatures it will be in the lower forties and then tomorrow night looks like this precipitation will be enhanced again right over the area at this time we think it's going to be cold enough that will have some snow around and this will be some white accumulating snow at this time we're thinking an inch or two plenty of time to watch it but none the less I think when you wake up Friday morning we'll have a little bit of snow on the ground there and then that snow will be diminishing as we move through your Friday morning outside right now there's a little bit of light rain and some sprinkles around the metro thirty eight degrees little full men's clinic dot com you can go tonight the state of our union is strong before we now in November each every day counts information count one use radio eight forty WHAS we're speaking with four oh one K. rollovers specialist Tony Walker Tony let's say I've got a four oh one K. plan what are the taxes due on that for a one K. and how much in taxes well I have to pay when I go to take it out while the four one K. is a great savings tool before retirement I often say it's a lousy planning tool after you retire that's because buried deep down inside your four oh one K. something I like to call a tax tumor now that's the bad news all of this money on your four oh one K. statement that you see that you think you jurors really isn't all your money that's because depending on your overall tax bracket the government could take as much as forty percent of your four oh one K. now the good news as an independently train fiduciary at Tony Walker financial we help Sabres deal with this tax tumor and we can certainly show you how to reduce it thanks Tony to schedule your free meeting with Tony to discuss your four oh one K. log on to Tony Walker financial dot com Shane company because a unique engagement ring is really important to my girlfriend same company because I wanna Shane classic diamond stone with an ideal cut an unbelievable spark Shane company because they took the time to really educate us about diamonds and we ended up finding the perfect one come in or go online let us help you build your dream engagement ring for proposal on Valentine's day the most romantic day of the year find a ring style you like then select the center stone from the.

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