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Gruesome jet. This is where it's the should have signed with Disney is bird farts into the camera, hey, dicta. Bird will figure out how to save you after we have the kid. Was it a reference to Gill regard for his role in Aladdin? How? Well, how Holliger cultural phenomenon that bird was and Could've have been. been bird. Go. This bird saw the future is like, oh, dude, if every single cultural property will be with Disney, I. And then in the weirdest that we have this quarry battle, there's kind of fight or whatever. And then a thing, like I know we're just transferring present-day things to stone-age times of whatnot, but the move probably should be, you know, let's not have guns in this world gun is weird. It is weird. It's like a Dennis, the menace rubber band gun shoot marbles at people. It's just unnecessary. How about a hammer? Yeah, that'll do it. Cavemen have a hammer or a buck and bat bam's bat Barney puts himself at a sling picturing casino esque see now Don Rickel rock. Dhamma rock. He. Barney jumps into a catapult tries civic. Kids gets knocked out. That's sort of something something, but what we call it MRs what's her face? Miss stone, Halle Berry, who is she's very funny in there at the whole movie. She's greatness. She knocks over comic Lachlan and to save Fred, and he's mish. And it's this weird erotic tension easing miss Joan, your show band. Mister Flintstone. Oh yeah. Well, do didn't another time in another place. Man, if Wilma slag hoople it never come into the picture. Thank God. I'm wearing this thick tent. You would. She my fainting caveman. Should've been tapping Lissette. There was so much hair down there. Is there less evolved that it's just it's a net it's like, the thing is like tied in there. Hey, MS stone, I'm free ball, and under this pal. Got a sharp rock to cut some of the rush. You also Kyle McLachlan defeated by bowling. Yes, John Goodman roles a strike and hits this dude. Also totally unexpected situation here. Kind McLaughlin covered in concrete and murdered. Oh, Lee murder. Just dead to rights reads that like Conrad? Yeah, it's in his lungs. The nice. Discussed with column Glock Lynn, you can't ever be sure. Is that him or is that another one. Gang gang. Rock safe backwards. Yes, he is murdered at the get it. It's like, that's what happened to the end of movies. Kind of it happens at the end of Addams family, but that makes it a little more sense darker tone. All we are laughing about the specter of death through both of those movies. We'll know. I mean, you remember in the prequel Viva rock Vegas agent Vander cave. He's helping them out everywhere in pi. It's it's nice. It's just bizarre in this more or less children or family failed to have your villain. Breathing in concrete till dead end with no one cares either. Like why would you, you know, the cops come and they arrest Sharon Stone and she's like, oh, you know, maybe they'll be lenient on. There's a little more sexy flirting while, yeah, we should mention..

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