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Let's pick it up with mikhael haggerty where we left off parse it out for us a little bit look. I'm an old guy so to me. A car from the sixties as what a car should be but clearly. It's not just like baby boomers like me. Who are a part of the mix. What happens after it. Who were the other people that are making up the bulk of the audience. Now well there is a lot of this again. Apocryphal understanding of what will happen with the next generation and cars in a couple of demographic and really generational study points is. The baby boomers have been firmly in command of the vintage car. World enthusiasts car world for quite some time and it was a generation that great a lot wealth enjoyed spending time and they were probably the last generation where cars worry huge part of the cultural element that everybody talked about the silent generation. Maybe a little bit even before but where people really paid attention to auto shows the big auto shows and car launches and stuff like this. I'm a gen xer so kind of squeezed in between any of this massive millennial and then the next generations follow is important. Remember the millennial generation's the largest generation and they're that children baby boomers and if there's anything that we have learned about the car rolled. Is that the older people. Get the money they make. They act a lot more like their parents. Now that might be shocking to your listeners. out there but it is just a fact. Don't tell any eighteen year old kid that. I know that somebody is eighteen year old in just dreaming that they're never going to have their parents corporate job and they're going to become a beekeeper and that is possible they may become a beekeeper and make the greatest honey that brooklyn has ever tasted but the reality is very often. They end up as they get older. They resolve revolve their life around a similar set of activities. That's often what they grew up with. So we seen a pretty seamless. Generational shift of the next generation starts to come to pick up the pieces year. It's not like they're all failing again. Very large generations and while the overall percentage of younger people may not be as cars as the earlier generations. Were the numbers. Appear to be sufficient to sustain like significant car to be long as the future but their interests are different so the next generation probably doesn't surprise you there into the car guys and gals they might be more of the rally. Inspired cars are there into the vintage off road. Vehicles are into jd. m. fear to look at a brand that is just absolutely at the pinnacle of something. That's attracted to a young person you'd have to save. Bmw's the nineties and early two thousands whereas the gen xers the porsche. nine eleven. we've driven porsche. Nine eleven up. The baby boomers was the quarterback..

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