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Major networks everything from CNBC fox business news Yahoo finance talking about our latest thoughts on the markets and the economy and if you ever question you would ask myself for Bob you can email us questions directly simply email us act questions that be bush dot com that's questions that be bush dot com Bob no answer all your questions directly and it's a really good question we answer right here on the show in to help us with questions this week we have our man in the studio Dan Irving giving us a hand morning Dan which shaken brother how's life down south Brian and Bob life is going well and enjoying the beginning of my favorite season of the year I've taken my flannels out of storage I've stock my fridge full of apple cider and I'm putting pumpkin spice on everything I can think of. life is good man oh man. I somebody down south sleeps in flannels. yeah we live out the S. stereotype stand one more question for you do you like those Starbucks pumpkin latte is where they are we drink them I am actually a fan of those I'm not afraid of it I'm sorry for you Dan. those things look aren't take I just can't get into I don't get it but I admire you for your boldness in your coffee choice I don't mind the look the taste is nice so anyway I respect we got some great questions coming in on the mail back today our first one is from Randall in Larchmont New York and he says Bob I've never worked for the financial adviser before but I'm thinking it might be time to start as I get closer to retirement what are the things I'd be most likely to mess up if I try to do it all on my own well Randall this is a great question and the thing is no one knows what they don't know right we only know what we know and there's so many known unknowns when it comes to financial planning even though you should have maybe gotten star little earlier this is not a bad thing to start doing right now there are a lot of mistakes that most of us make with their investing and the number one thing right you know the number one thing I find with everyone who.

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