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And then they do like over comedy. Right. So starting off with the first story, we got BUSTER Scruggs about BUSTER scrolling Cohen brothers humor with some music pitched in. Yeah. Filled. Very Cohen need to me like shades of raising Arizona. So I granted the mafia that granted mall. I this one tied for the highest grade. I love the first segment I was five at a five. I get just goes down smooth is fuck I watched it twice fun. It's colorful dark. It's brisk. It's inventive. You don't really see? What common you're going to get out of this? It's a lot of fun. I could've gone ninety minute movie, which just BUSTER Scruggs doing stuff. Indeed, find choose one. And we'll see a full movie of its BUSTER Scruggs. All right next. One is the one with James Frank. Yes near Al Donatus. It is a short story of James Franco, like Anderson said who is a Bank robber steady isolated isolated banks. Hold in book form. I there's a book the you're reading. And you'll see like a sketch from the story with a quote underneath and it's fun to kind of trying to guess what the quotes going to be relating to the quote for this one was. That there's PANA shot. Shot. Great. Stephen route was fantastic almost unrecognizable Steven this one. I gave a b minus two felt incomplete. Like this. I think the shortest of them all short and didn't didn't it. It was on one final joke. I think that punchline which I don't want to go away. But it's the very very end of this one seems like that was the initial germ of the story the other guy. Yeah. Yeah. There was also the trailer. Wonder cuddled? I'm not seeing the truth. I do not see. So let's move on. It is what it is. And if you've seen the man with no name trilogy Blondie trilogy. You'll real recognize some of this. Similar patterns with this story in particular with a man on a new set of horse and having the the news Sean away things out and made of Americans are things. That's that's the very beginning of that story. All right. Let's move on to a very dark dark. Lacking any kind of humor or levity meal ticket meal. Tickets short story starring Liam Neeson's Neeson's, and he this. I love those actually while their favorite ones. It was poetic. It was sad. It was beautifully tragic. Did you like it? I did not love it. I liked it a lot so Liam at his a traveling entertainer. Baggies me wrong. This would be the best segment and many anthology moons. Hardaway I loved it. I I don't think it was my number one favorite. But it was amongst my favorites in this collection. So Liam Niessen is a traveling entertainer. But he's he sorted the PT Barnum. He has. His small wagon because around from town to town small town small town, and he has his attraction that he keeps in the wagon armless legless man boy on demand like it's like a young man young man with makeup armless and legless and he recites poetry Shakespeare the bible. Lincoln he recites. He's a great orator recites these things from memory and people kind sit dumbstruck at this armless legless man doing these recitations. But then as as as progression data town across a little smaller, less interest, getting colder, and we'll leave it at that. And their lives you've come to see your pretty pretty bleak pretty fucking leak. Yes. These some of these very quiet aren't all original stories by some of them are and some of them are based on. Stories like old west stories, folklore folklore and legend. So I guess we could leave that one their meal ticket done his things happen. And it's also one of those this one was twenty less happens in this one that happened in the James Franco's story, but I like this because it was so subtle and so like in tune, and and poetic and sad and tragic thought it was really good. All gold canyon comes ex. I missed a the levity. There was there. I know. And I need a little bit. You missed it. There's an eleven miss anything. What does it all gold Kenyan all gold canyon? This one of the most beautiful of. Beautiful picturesque pasture. You wonder how much of it's real..

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