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Make sure that you know with the number is of who you're supposed to call you. Know i know we have zoom link and then if zooming doesn't work then we forward to a phone number that goes for office so just being prepared and having all that information will make it a much more pleasurable experience for you as the applicant. Because you i'd up you know. Don't let things that could potentially stress you out get in the way of of you showing your self yeah boy scout motto. Be prepared right. But you're bringing up some good points which is understand how this medium is going to operate what what platform of beyond just a couple of weeks ago. I was giving a presentation for the new england virtual conference and it was a great. What's the what's the platform. Oh it's it's online virtual. No no no no. No i wanna know the hardware using zoom go to webinar or would you some. I haven't i haven't heard of yet. How do i share my scream. That might not be applicable for an interview. But it might be i. I don't know so understand the physics of how this environment works right. you know. We had an audio issue a second ago. That happens we roll with it. But had i not known how to use this equipment. I would've just had to eat it. But i know how to mute. Somebody's mike so really being prepared with this new this new piece of equipment because this is now in between you and the human that you were trying to give your best self to it and give it a great representation. Any act to that point about the the Strata staff when something does go wrong. It's typically that person that you're calling to say something's gone wrong and i mean you wanna be as polite and professional as you possibly can be in that moment. You're probably super stressed about it. You're probably freaking out. And but you need to be as professional as you possibly can be that person i saw..

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