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The tri state. And then again from Costner getting into downtown. I'm Vicky Cuckoos Ian from the Idot Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. You little Kobe 19 cases are soaring. State health officials announced 11,600 new cases of the virus yesterday. Along with 37 additional deaths, officials say more than 5500. People in the state are hospitalized currently with covert 19 related illnesses. 514 of those are on valid ventilators. Wanting to state health officials. Those people are occupying nearly one third of all ICU beds in the state. Total of about 585,000 people in Illinois have tested positive for covert 19 since the pandemic began. The death toll is nearly 11,000. Since the pandemic began. Chicago continues to see troubling trends when it comes to covered 19, Here's Chicago health commissioner, Dr Allison our wedding we're seeing about 2400 cases a day early in the summer, we were seeing fewer than 200 cases being diagnosed per day where we've seen just in the last month. Our cases go up five times are hospitalizations go up three times our deaths go up three times, and the biggest problem is that we've seen no slowing of the Increase our what? He says the city is ready to distribute any amount of Corona virus vaccine and table to get once the vaccines approved. She estimates the city will initially received about 150,000 vaccine doses. Are but he says that won't even cover all of the city's health care workers. Former Secretary of Education in Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan has revealed that he contracted covert 19, He told WGN he first developed symptoms 10 days ago, and it was a wake up call you honestly it's you, like a ton of branches like you've been run over by a truck or something for me was like one day I was fine The next day. I was pretty Pretty flattened and to your body egg fevers, coughing. From general exhaustion. Duncan says his wife and son also tested positive for the virus. He says he shared the experience to encourage people to take the virus seriously into skipped large gatherings for Thanksgiving. Five year old boys in the hospital after a stray bullet came from outside into his home on the Far South side. It happened last night in the 200 block of West 115th Street. The child was playing on an iPad on his living room couch when he was hit. The bullet was fired from a passing vehicle outside. The shooter has not been caught. Rockford Public schools will soon go kids will go to Northern Illinois University for free. That story from WGN's Ryan Burrow. Watford City Council members have unanimously approved a proposal giving any Rockford public School student with a G P A of three point or higher free tuition at Northern Illinois University. The city would chip in $1.5 million a year in scholarship money. Now the proposal still needs to be approved by and I you and the not for profit group Rockford Promise which would manage the scholarship fund. City of Rockford, says 40 students have already applied. Ryan Bro, WGN News workers from 11 nursing homes threatened to strike next week unless they're given raises. They want higher base pay and hazard pay. That's in line with long term workers across the rest of the state. If their demands are not met nearly 700 S C. I u healthcare workers could go on this strike on the picket line on Monday. Most of the facilities that would be affected are in the Chicago area. Now we WGN sports. Here's David and the Bears knew how important last night's game of the Minnesota Wasit chance to snap a three game losing streak. Keep them above 500 sent them off on their bye week on a positive note, they accomplished none of the above. There's defense once again gave them a chance. But their offense could not get the end zone and in 1913 loss to the Vikings. On the way after Nick Foles was carted off Monday night is a tough dude and he was in a lot of pain. And when you see that you feel for him just because you know, or you don't know how how good or bad it is officially a leg or hip injury for fools, which means Matt Maggie might be forced to go back to Mitch Robiskie following the bye week when the Bears play the Packers in Green Bay. And quite frankly, after the Bears managed just 14 yards with fools in the second half Monday night, it's probably time to go back to your risky anyway covering the Bears. Adam Hogue, WGN Sports NFL Network reported this morning. Foals does not have a major injury, though he will have further evaluation bears only touchdown on Cordero. Patterson's 104 Yard return to the second half kickoff. The Bears five and five of the trip to Green Bay after the bye week. Dave INNIT WGN school now, the forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center, here's meteorologist. Morgan Cult Meyer. Good morning, We start out your morning hours, with once again temperatures into the lower to mid thirties. Most of us near the freezing mark this morning between about 30 and 34 degrees. Winds are coming in as high is almost 20 MPH this morning and they'll cover right around that 10 to 15 MPH range Today early wind chills in the teens and twenties winds. Gust is highest 25 MPH through the afternoon out of the northwest. Highs only make it into the lower forties, but we'll keep mostly sunny skies. Overnight lows into the Upper twenties and Chicago and cooler in the suburbs from the WGN Weather Center. I'm working Coke Meyer 32 at the Lakefront 32 in O'Hare 33. At Midway. It's 32 this morning in Bartlett. Now we w g and business Here is Orient Samuelson. Good morning where, um, red screen on Wall Street this morning after setting closing highs yesterday, the market giving it back today. Because of concern over the covert 19 situation at the moment. Dow Industrial Average down 405 points.

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