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Our top local story at 8 30 crews will be working through the night on a wild fire burning in the Running springs area of the San Bernardino National Forest. Lisa Cocks with the San Bernadino, now with the San Bernardino National Forest tells connects. It started about three o'clock this afternoon and his burning uphill off of forest road in the direction of Highway 3 30 We did have some winds and gusty winds. However, firefighters were able to gain some pretty good were able to make some many drops of fire retardant around both the left and the right flank the fire and were able to slow it down. Quite a big cock says forward progress is for the most part stopped. It had been mandatory evacuations in place, but those were lifted and are now consider voluntary. Keller Peak road remains closed. Highway 3 30 is back open, but drivers should beware fire traffic in the area throughout the evening. An example of why fire departments of Police Department say people shouldn't even think about playing with illegal fireworks. During the Fourth of July weekend today, a father in his 13 year old son in Pasadena were arrested. For allegedly setting a neighbor's garage on fire. Authorities say it began with fireworks smoldering on the roof of the garage after the father and son set off illegal fireworks nearly five hours later that smoldering Got fire, and it got bigger, eventually burning the garage in damaging the car's Pasadena spokesperson, Lisa did, Arian says the two suspects are facing serious consequences, not just fireworks. I mean, these are explosive. And Teo for a father to hand it to a child, knowing that this is an explosive device. Is very concerning for us, regardless of the citations, But I mean, this could be child endangerment to depending on how the attorney's office looks at it. This could potentially turn into a child endangerment. Violation. Also, she also says investigators were able to track down the two suspects after a neighbor who's been complaining about the illegal fireworks in the area captured that incident on video, Pasadena seen a 700% increase in illegal fireworks cases in just the past few weeks. Business is booming. You could say that in the small number of cities in Los Angeles County where you can legally buy fireworks, you're gonna love the Rocket mountain is very nice and very beautiful and roughly 40 cities across lost. Ellis County so called safe and sane. Fireworks are legal, just trying to make sure their money's experience something because we're still down on this pandemic. How much we spend 60 77 67 87 88..

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