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Yeah that was my first yes she's a much bigger destiny fan that i'm like a casualty fan yeah now i love destiny i mean i'm mad at sometimes but i love it ship so call of duty black ops for back with trae arc back in the future which is cool no single player instead getting three separate zombies campaigns an blackout the battle royale that we all knew was coming plus of course you know multiplayer modes so we got an hour of hands on time which was nice and blessedly they they pitted us against other judges when i down and i didn't instagram story i just eat in nature were on my team and i was like oh sweet i've got some rumors on my team this is great because t martin was sitting behind me and i was like i don't wanna go play over there he's like oh why don't you guys wanna compla over on this side and i was like no please don't wanna play against you and so the obviously had a bunch of high level players there but this pin it all the judges against us or actually andy mcnamara was on my team i heard he was doing really well he he does say it was dantec line on his twitter because he's like andy max tearing it up no he wasn't good he's pretty evenly mad so we did four different multiplayer modes didn't get to play vs didn't get to play blackout but the first thing that i really loved about the new call of duty with how they slowed it down call duty obviously known for like fast fast paced twits shooting like no scoping like right like all of the memes about call of duty players i'm super glad that they made players a little bit heartier meaning it takes more bullets to take a player down meaning accuracy is important headshots.

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