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Waving the one guy we knew the and the other guy is gonna urinate all over new york before he's not the guy with the blonde hair is gonna just urinate all over their fan base before he's done and get them it's going to have to trade him because he's not a gettleman guy and despite having a high traffic is in loyal to this quarterback not greatest thing that's the guy who invented football is gonna right he's gonna ride ally manning for the next fourteen years because he's a football got it's all about how you like areas pad that's back problem is that he probably looks at dave gettleman and says to himself at least what are you even talking you know what's funny wait a minute josh was coming through edelman does don't all the panthers hate got i got him in was the guy who traded normal what josh norman's here and it's next donlevatar tom eat my wings with blue cheese and a lot of it and i'm gonna come in here with blue cheese on my face on a couple of napkin two beds up complaining about stugatz told you you can't eat wings you decided that on your own that's you choice that meet choice a meacham and us choice we've beaten wings every day we'd both at blue be slathered baluchis both u slathering on each other that's my dream liber tar show with his two guys on espn radio that's the pablo tori and josh doormat for joining us in studio and given the straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless your name was mentioned in the same sentence i was mentioned first.

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