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The revelations kept coming from shell companies linked to drug cartels to world renowned cellists in vladimir inner circle. This is from a bbc panorama report. Shortly after the panama papers were published. We believe we have found a billion dollar laundering operation in russia. This man cellist. Sergei role dugan close friend of president putin was officially the owner of too secretive company which benefited from suspicious deals for example an offshore company boroughs six million dollars three months later. The loan is written off for just one dollar. What truly defies belief is that you're most sack. One of the founders of most seca denied any knowledge of any of these shady characters who are their clients at times. He may have even been telling the truth because that was the entire point. No questions asked here. He is speaking to aim java's of cnbc in two thousand sixteen. Did you know the putin's aides and associates work using the services of most. No did you know that eight members of the chinese police bureau. We're using your services are no of course not did you know that david cameron's family had used your services no and why not serve and your name is on the front door here. Wouldn't that be something that you'd want to know as the as the business owner whenever we find out through the median. That's how it normally happens. That could be somebody a personally exposed person behind a company that was formed by us for a professional intermediary then we started investigating journalists. Kept digging kept uncovering more and more skeletons to not just modern politicians but also criminal secrets that had long been buried but now being unearthed one leaked document at a time. Britain's biggest-ever robbery gold bas were thirty million. Pounds is stolen near heathrow airport. Now we knew mo- sack fonseca helped in the laundering of proceeds burden. The world's biggest peacetime robbery ever armed men stormed a warehouse near london's heathrow airport. They tied up the guards. Pour gasoline on them and threatened to burn them to death then they left with three tons of gold and a quantity of diamonds in one thousand. Nine hundred three the so called brink's-mat robbery was arguably the most audacious heist that had ever happened in britain british media dubbed it the crime of the century. The criminals who stole the gold melted it down and sold it but nobody was ever really sure where that huge pile of cash ended up until the panama papers. According to reporting from the international consortium of investigative journalists most heck fonseca set up a panamanian shell company called food inc sixteen months after the heist. Your most hack himself was one of the signatories on the paperwork and like a good german record keeper to continue with the stereotype suggested by bostian. Mo- sack even decided to document the origins of the shell companies assets writing. The company was quote apparently involved in the management of money from the famous theft from bring spat in london. The company itself has not been used illegally but it could be the company invested money through bank accounts and properties that.

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